Elena’s Club

We empower through education. We’re building a community. 

Elena’s Club offers carefully curated courses to young professional women, so that they have the fundamental knowledge, and confidence, to join the conversation. We’re teaching you the basics and giving you the background. In our classrooms, no question is a stupid question – we’re here to learn. 

Professional development meets self development.

how it started

The idea of Elena’s Club was born at a dinner table with friends. Around the table sat four professionals – each with their own area of expertise. Breaking the ice was hard. One person said, “I need a 101 on accounting.” Another said, “I need to know more about art.” 

what we value

In our classrooms, women will learn and network. After attending our courses, women will feel confident. This is the kind of confidence that is earned through listening to an engaging professional, having a conversation with someone new, and feeling accomplished. It starts with you.

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