Inspiration: Big or Small

Written by: Jessica Wright

Lately on my personal Facebook page, I have been seeing more and more posts about the environment and getting rid of “single use plastic”.

There have been so many and they have been so frequent that they inspired me to think more deeply on how I could change my habits. I am single and not a big fan of cooking, so I often pick up food.  My favourite local is a Vietnamese place called Hanoi 3. The food is delicious and the people are lovely. They know me by name.

So much so that when I showed up there on Valentine’s Day to pick up my order for one, they all looked at me sympathetically and shook their heads sadly saying “no valentine for Jessica.”

That’s when I realized how intimate my relationship had become with them. For this reason, I felt comfortable asking them if in the future I could bring my own dish to put the food in, instead of using the styrofoam container and plastic carrying bag they use. They were more than happy to oblige.

It was a small gesture but as I walked out with my food in my glass container from Ikea with the snap on lid, I realized it made me feel fantastic. 

Maybe it wasn’t a small gesture? Maybe someone in the restaurant saw me and when they pick up their food they will bring in their container. Then more people will be inspired. Perhaps eventually the restaurant will demand you bring your own container. You never know.

My point is that often when we think of inspiration, we think of people who have done extraordinary things or grand gestures. But you never know the ripple effect that the smallest gesture can have.

When we created ‘she’s on Top’, our goal was to interview women that inspired us for a variety of reasons in the hopes that sharing their stories would inspire you. What we didn’t imagine at the time was what we were doing would inspire Zoe Share to reach out to us to ask how she could help and eventually create the Ambassadors program. We didn’t know that our interview with April Engelberg would inspire her to connect us with Elena’s Club who would also become ambassadors for our brand. We didn’t anticipate that a woman named Jacquie Court would be so inspired by what we were doing that she would connect us to Julie Cole of Mabel’s Labels and Marilyn Barefoot of Barefoot Brainstorming. I could not have imagined that a woman on YouTube I had never met, named Wendy Valencia, would come across our content and share it with her 10k followers without asking anything in return or even letting us know she had done it, just because she was inspired by our videos. 

When you are inspired to do something it’s important to listen to that voice. It may have a ripple effect that you never could have imagined. Or it may just make you feel amazing as you exit your local restaurant with you glass container of food. Either way, what have you got to lose?

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