Zoe Share, she’s on Top Ambassador, on the Power of Women Supporting Women!

Zoe Share

Zoe Share

Written by: Zoë Share

Between running my company, having a 1-year-old daughter and trying to keep up with all of my family and friends, I live a very full and beautiful life. I have an amazing team at Schmooz and an amazing community of people in my personal life who I love (and who love me). I get so much joy from this, however, running a business is hard work. One of the challenges I face is, despite the fullness in my life, feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities and clearly seeing a path to move forward as a strong business owner and boss.

The nature of being the owner of a business is that you have to make a lot of final decisions. For the past (almost) five years, I’ve made great and not-so-great decisions that have all lead to a Schmooz that I am very proud of today. I have also learned that I am going to keep learning and life will keep changing, whether I like it or not.

Amidst all this learning and living, I’ve been looking at ways to enjoy this entrepreneurial journey more. One of my strategies has been connecting with a strategic planner to help me plan my business goals (so pumped about this!), and also to work harder at connecting with more female entrepreneurs who are going through similar things to what I’m going through. This has lead me to look at lots of new websites, following links that women I respect are sharing and starting conversations with new people.

While browsing the internet one quiet weeknight a few weeks ago, I noticed a video from a new company – she’s on Top, on one of my contacts Facebook feeds. To be honest, I can’t remember which video I started with because the first video I watched led to me watching several videos in a row and then, uncharacteristically hitting the subscribe button on Youtube. If you haven’t taken a look at the she’s on Top channel yet, do it now! You’ll quickly understand why I felt that I needed to be connected to this brand.

There is something about this brand and the values that the co-creators, Tracy and Jessica, presented that really resonated with me. I decided to reach out to them because I just had to know more about their vision.

In my time getting to know Jessica and Tracy and understanding their vision more clearly – one that includes celebrating women in all walks of life–  it became very clear to me that I needed to contribute to what they were doing, whether that meant having she’s on Top as a Schmooz client or volunteering my time…and that’s exactly what has happened!

As a she’s on Top Ambassador, I am committed to interacting with their content and creating content regularly (let’s be real, I was going to do it anyway, because I’m obsessed), and I am excited to be part of the team that brings women together. I know Tracy and Jessica have lots of amazing ideas up their sleeves and I can’t wait to help them bring it to life. Moreover, I hope by being involved that I can bring more resources and connectivity to my community. I know that I already feel more connected and I hope you join me on this journey!

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