Elena’s Club and Ethical Entrepreneurs

Elena's Club and Ethical Entrepreneurs

Elena's Club and Ethical Entrepreneurs

WRITTEN BY: Bronwyn Schnurr

At Elena’s Club we believe in the power of women and community. Women owned and operated small and medium businesses are underrepresented in Canada.

Elena’s Club values continued learning and we work to empower women through education, building a community, and making the link between professional and self development. We offer carefully curated courses on a variety of topics for women in Toronto: think politics, finance, art, health and fitness – you name it!

According to the 2014 Statscan Survey on Financing and Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises, only 15.7% of SMEs were owned by women, while 64.6% were owned by men. Women-owned enterprises also lag male-owned enterprises in business performance such as sales, profits and employment. 

We strongly believe that promoting and supporting women’s businesses, both locally and internationally, will help improve the performance and success of these businesses and more broadly help create gender equality in workplaces, leadership positions, and support women’s economic development and empowerment. 

But beyond supporting women’s businesses point blank, we also know there is a growing need to be a more sustainable and ethical consumer. Thinking about what you are buying, where it comes from, what the companies’ mission and vision is and how it’s operations align with those values is something Canadian consumers are, and need to, think about when making purchase decisions. 

We recently brought together five local Toronto women to discuss their ethically minded business plans and priorities. There are a lot of challenges and opportunities in running a business, and supporting a business, that operates in an ethical way, including paying fair wages, cruelty free testing, using eco-friendly or up-cycled materials, creating a diverse workplace – the list goes on.

Our most recent event, Q&A: Ethical Entrepreneurs, explored those themes in depth – probing on how to make sustainability a priority, on why making small adjustments can have a powerful impact on the world around you and how attendees can think more consciously about the products they purchase and the business’ they support.

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