pay your top skills forward

LinkedIn’s search algorithm works with “key” words because it is a way for you to put your best foot forward professionally and be recognized for your skills, especially if you’re showcasing your specialties or searching for a new job / opportunity. The Skill and Endorsement section on your LinkedIn profile is an amazing space to promote your “know-how”. 

Some TOP tips:

1. Think about your strengths and your most in-demand skills

Make sure to highlight the top skills you want to be recognized for. The TOP 3 are most important because they follow your profile. So, the most relevant ones should be at the top. It is also best to take an 80-20% approach and think industry-related skills verses soft or transferable skills.  Transferable skills are not often searched but they do help with gaining endorsements and showing the kind of professional you are.

2. Keep your endorsements fresh

Make sure to highlight the skills that will get you noticed. There is a new feature that suggests skills and gives insights based on your profile. If you list at least 5 skills on your profile, you could receive up to 17x more profile views. As you develop your skill-base make sure to refresh and reorder your skills to make this section work for you. LinkedIn will personalize your endorsements to who is viewing your profile, and make sure that the most relevant endorsements in your respected field are highlighted  

3. Actively build your Skill and Endorsement Section

In order to build this section up, there are three things you can do: 1) Ask for endorsements to those who know you for certain skills 2) Give endorsements-LinkedIn is heavily grounded in reciprocity so when you are a LI Go-Giver, others will probably want to give back 3) Have an endorsement party-if you work with a team, belong to an association / club, get people together (a great lunch or activity) so people can talk about their accomplishments, over the last year perhaps, and others can endorse right on the spot with the LinkedIn app. The people we work with are really often ones who knows us best

The LinkedIn Skills and Endorsement section is very important to optimizing your profile on LinkedIn. You can have up to 50 skills to embrace, market, and let people know you have the skills needed to succeed.

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