put a little more pep in your LinkedIn step

It may be time to put a little more pep in your LinkedIn Step to get what you would like on LinkedIn and stay on top. Here are 10 tips from Shelly Elsliger to help you do that:

  1. Don’t fall in love with “like”. Content is key. I see many have supporters who try and help but often only get a “like” in return.
  2. Don’t worry about sharing too much content.This shows credibility. You can share the recipe, nobody can replicate it without the ingredients.
  3. Build a LinkedIn company page. A hub for networking and branding your products/services. LinkedIn immediately offers new connections the chance to “follow”. Optimize your business profile!.
  4. Seek out valuable references/ testimonials. Social recognition matters.
  5. People hate being “sold to” on LinkedIn, so DON”T SELL. Build relationships and trust with people who are naturally going to be interested in your product/service. Don’t sell, just be there when they realize they could use it.
  6. Stop waiting passively to build YOUR Community.
  7. Video content on LinkedIn garners 6x more engagement than normal posts. It can really make you stand out if you make good use of it.
  8. When someone shares on your behalf reshare but with context.
  9. Have a catchy branding headline – show some personality (Please!)
  10. Build business related hashtags. Then suggest for people to follow and use them when commenting.

And… most importantly, storytell..People like stories.

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