social recognition matters on linkedin

Recommendations are important on LinkedIn. These public recognitions of aspects of your professional success are a way to build your credibility and value. LinkedIn recommendations are easily verified. Whoever reads the recommendations can visit the profile of whoever gave it you and evaluate the source’s credibility.

Some LinkedIn recommendations are much better than others.  But the good thing is that before any recommendation goes public you can decide to add it, dismiss it, or ask for revisions. You can also hide older recommendations by clicking on the icon in the recommendations session and toggling to either “show” or “hide” each one. It’s also important to keep an eye on out-of date and irrelevant recommendations / testimonials. You want to have this section inline with your career goals and help move you forward. 

A few tips:

  1. Approach people who know your work well and can speak intelligently to the capabilities that will matter the most to your future employer.
  2. Do not send the general and generic LinkedIn recommendation request. Use that space to be specific. Use as much space possible to let the referee know exactly what you are looking for in the recommendation.
  3. Never send bulk recommendation requests.
  4. Space out your requests a little bit. Build thoughtfully, not hurriedly.
  5. Ask the person beforehand before sending the request via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn recommendations pack a lot of punch when it comes to supporting your personal and professional brand and supporting your online career story. Recommendations let everyone know that you have the goods that they are looking for. There is no number set in stone as to how many recommendations you should have. However don’t have too many to dilute your worth and value (i.e. 10 people from the same company) and always put quality before quantity.

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