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Writing on LinkedIn is a great opportunity to be seen as a thought leader in your space. You can show off what you know about hiring practices, sales methods or marketing campaigns, and anyone who looks at your profile will instantly know that you know what you’re talking about. Some tips to get you started:

1. Start on your home page.

Where do you write the article? Go to your home page, not your profile. At the very top, you will see where you can share an update or “Write an article;” click on that.

2. Give your article a catchy headline.

Think carefully about the headline / title. You want a complete yet succinct thought that tells the reader what they can expect and get. 

3. Find related visuals.

Find some great pictures since people relate to visuals and it helps to bring your article to life. Two great royalty-free sites are or

4. Deliver on your promise.

Make sure to deliver on what your headline promises. As far as length, keeping to 500-700 is generally best-not too long and not too short.

5. Use subtitles.

Subtitles help break up long stretches of text and catches key ideas.

6. Edit your article.

Edit your article and remember that if you can’t finish in one shot, it will automatically be kept in “drafts” for you to find anytime

7. Publish and socialize your article.

Hit publish. But you’re not finished yet. LinkedIn will prompt you to share what you wrote with your connections. Use #hashtags to capture the attention of those who follow certain terms i.e. #linkedinlattes

8. Link your article to your profile.

Use your own profile to share your article and tag (@) those who you know may resonate with what you have written about. You can also so copy and paste the link to your profile. Readers will see a thumbnail of the picture you chose for your story. When people click on this image, they will be taken to your storyBonus tip: Every once and a while so back and recycle older content.

Happy Blogging!

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