The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies

Erica Campbell and Jaime Dobbs are the co-founders and owners of The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. Both currently work full-time at Henderson & Beau’s Brewery, respectively. The Society was founded in late 2013, when they saw an opportunity to connect women over beers and great conversation in what was traditionally a male-dominated industry.  They launched their inaugural “Bevy0001”, in January 2014, thinking maybe a dozen women would come. Within days they had sold over 90 tickets and they knew they were onto something.

Flash forward to 2019 and the SOBDL is now the largest women and beer community in North America. They host regular ‘bevies’ and Lady Beer Festivals in Toronto, Hamilton & Ottawa. They also small batch brew monthly at their favourite breweries across Ontario and have seasonal beers in the LCBO. A portion of all event profits are donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation and their events are inclusive safe spaces for women and those that identify. 

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