Into the Pod-Verse

WRITTEN BY: Sara Flicht

I was that girl once. The one who found it ridiculous that people could spend hours of their day listening to mindless chatter on their headphones. The concept made little sense to me, and the amount of content was so vast that it felt insurmountable. There was also no guidance on the ‘what’. What would I listen to that could be my thing? Not just listening because I had to, or someone told me to, but because I wanted to. 

I am not completely sure of when that moment changed. But suddenly I was downloading episode after episode. Itching for the next one to come out and feeling true frustration with the realization that Monday was still days away. I started with one, then on to two. My podcast library was slowly increasing in size to eventually match the one on my shelf. 

There was something so unique to me about being able to peek into a world for as little as five minutes, and doing it with the click of an app on my phone. 

My fascination started with storytelling podcasts, then it moved into interview based channels. It was a way for me to seek guidance, gain understanding and find a way to feel less alone in the giant world we all attempt to navigate. It became a great solace for me in times of uncertainty. 

Last year was a huge transitional time for me. For the first time in my life I was out of the education system. I was the kid who sped through all the years and went straight to University, taking little time to understand that it (schooling) had become a part of my existence. I felt safe when I was able to be quantified; grades gave me structure; and the real world decided to pick me up and throw me on my face. On the outside, I kept up the perception I was floating, but often times the falls were deep and heavy. 

I found a podcast called ‘How To Fail’ and for some strange reason I was drawn to the idea of listening to failure while being overcome by the feeling of it in my everyday life. 

It worked.

Funny enough, the ability to engage with failure through this podcast allowed me to accept my own. To break it down, the host Elizabeth Day brings on extremely successful guests from all walks of life, (**some to note are Lily Allen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Tara Westover, etc.) and she has them speak to the major failures that occurred in their lives that got them to where they are today. The reality of understanding that success is so much more than the piece we get to see at a casual glance was simultaneously humbling and empowering. 

‘How To Fail’ got me through a tough year in my life. So deeper into the Pod-Verse I went. Now creating my perfect balance of comedy, life lessons and stories is a highlight of my week. I got so in to the medium I made my own! 

I felt that podcasting was that call to action, to create community in a world that has so many forces dismantling it. It has been a saving grace for me and a way to learn about myself, others and the world at large. 

I encourage you to find your ‘hook’. Because once you start, into the Pod-Verse you will go. It’s a fun place to be. 

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