Libby Wildman

It became clear to Libby really early on, that her love of helping people understand money and how to protect themselves and their families, was really just the tip of the iceberg as to how she could help people. It is no secret that people define their success and how they feel about themselves, via the size of their bank account, or the level of their compensation. By working with people to find out what their “money language” is, she is able to help clients identify what to do with their money, their assets, their savings and how best to optimise these buckets, so they reach their goals and pass on their wealth.

This may be educating their children on Savings 101, running family meetings, making sure the family cottage survives to the next generation, or bringing cash to the table when a business owner gets sick or dies, and the business is not lost.

Wills, Living Wills, TFSA/RRSP/Pensions/Rental income, corporate money. The money drawer is always a messy and confusing place to look. Libby along with her team at Davis Rea unclutters the drawer and makes it safe to open again.

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