5 Things to avoid on LinkedIn

1.  Refrain from using the following overused buzzwords in your LinkedIn story:

  • Specialized
  • Leadership
  • Passionate
  • Strategic
  • Experienced
  • Focused
  • Expert
  • Certified
  • Creative
  • Excellent

2. Avoid talking too much about your education. Put more care into the results you’ve achieved/produced.

3. Stay away from putting “Seeking new opportunity in your headline.” It sounds desperate. It makes people ask the question: Why are you seeking new opportunities? You’re more desirable to hiring managers when you’re employed—always! Covey your strengths and lead your story with confidence.

4. Don’t start your relationship by asking a favor or sending an immediate sales pitch. These two are guaranteed turn-offs.

5. Avoid tagging people when it is not relevant. Mindless over-tagging just does not work on LinkedIn

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