How Collaborative Ambassadors Can Make Your Brand More Trustworthy!

WRITTEN BY: Zoe Share, CEO, Schmooz Media

In my beautiful video with she’s on Top (thank you Tracy and Jessica!), I discussed trust and how consumers (yes, you and me!) are starting to learn, thanks to countless terrifying Facebook news reports, films like The Great Hack and privacy compliance laws like GDPR (and US/Canadian versions of GDPR coming in) how to be more careful with the data we are sharing and who we are sharing it with.

Something that I’ve learned (and keep learning over and over again) is that trust is not something that we can take for granted, we keep having to earn it over and over again.

Trust is also a two-way street. As a service provider, respect and trust it has to go both ways. If a client has mistreated you and then wants to continue working with you, you have to think to yourself: “Is it really best for this relationship to move forward for both of us?”

That’s why ambassador programs are very important to consider. When I use the word “ambassador” instead of influencer, I use it very intentionally. I go into more detail on that topic, here, but simply, it goes back to earned trust.  People are becoming more and more distrustful and critical of content that comes from paid contracts. Moreover, for many businesses, it’s just too much money to risk on a few posts. When you’re paying upwards of $10,000 for one post, it can be hard to prove out that value. For a business that can give a product for a customer review, influencer programs can be quite useful, but like with anything, influencer programs aren’t a one size fits all solution. Sometimes brand ambassadors are a salaried position, but collaborative ambassador relationships don’t have to be structured like this.

Here’s what I like about Collaborative Ambassadors: 

  1. Ambassador programs can be organized with a formal contract, but can also be quite organic in nature. It’s up to you to decide what feels right for your business goals and brand vision.  
  2. Collaborative Ambassadors can co-create with you- it doesn’t have to look and feel like an advertisement, in fact, it feels more like a meaningful conversation with audiences that you both hope to share and talk to. 
  3. Brand Ambassadors traditionally have a long term relationship with you but again, however, you can structure a collaboration however you like! Remember that this should be a two-way relationship, where you each provide unique value to each other. 

You don’t have to call collaborative ambassadors ANYTHING publicly if you don’t want to, it’s more of a way for you to organize your planning and partnerships. Forget the jargon, forget the terminology, the truth is most businesses represent a certain set of values and have a natural audience watching them. Lining yourself up with the businesses and individuals who have influence where you want to have influence is simply smart. Your relationship with someone you already appreciate can be leveraged and helpful to both of you! 

Building collaborative relationships can make all the difference in earning credibility and building trust over and over again. Make it easy for people to want to be connected with you and make it difficult for them to say no – because you are truly a good match for them too. It’s something I value deeply and has made a big difference for my clients and my own business. 

Schmooz Media is a social marketing agency located in Toronto, Canada, founded by CEO Zoe Share in 2014. Zoe was she’s on Top’s first ambassador – a suggestion she made to us because she believed in our vision and the value we demonstrated in our videos. Zoe and her team love helping to start and facilitate meaningful conversations and we are so glad to know and work with them! 

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