All Hail the Fail!

This week we’re talking about big fat failure. What to do about it. What you learn from it. And why it’s an essential part of success. In our vlog with Tara Hunt she shares how getting fired turned out to be one of the best things that happened to her. How she turned dark into light (and we’re not just talking about her hair colour). Our ambassador Zoe Share talks about her failure to “show up” for her family and how she’s working to turn that around. We’ve collected inspiration and advice from some of the smartest women we know. So if you’re feeling down in the dumps and in a slump, it’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and learn from these amazing women that you might have already taken the most critical step.

Jessica and Tracy

On our channel
Tara Huntis the founder of the digital agencyTruly Inc., a LinkedIn Influencer and one of the most respected and cited thought leaders in audience development for your brand. In this candidinterview, Tara talks about working with a spouse, the mistakes brands make, listening to your audience and bouncing back after being fired. We were thrilled to get her valuable insights and inspired by her journey to success.

Tara’s company, Truly Inc., is building Phlywheel, a learning and resource platform for startups, SME’s and individuals who need marketing help but can’t afford an agency. They will be launching a free private beta at the end of summer. If you’re interested in participating sign up here.

What’s inspiring us this week
If the name Phoebe Waller-Bridge doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve probably heard of her work. She just received 11 Emmy nominations for her must watch show Fleabag. She’s a modern day renaissance woman. She’s the creator and writer of Crashing (in which she also acts) on Netflix and Killing Eve on HBO. She also appeared in the latest Star Wars Movie and has been commissioned as a writer on the next Bond film. Using her own brand of unconventional humour she deals with some messy topics and is not afraid to journey into some dark places. The first season of Fleabag is about a woman who is failing spectacularly in nearly every area of her life, while keeping up the appearance of a laissez faire attitude. It is only at the end of the season that everything comes to a crashing halt and her darkest secret is revealed. 
Speaking of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, she delves into personal failure on one of our favourite podcasts. Hosted by Elizabeth Day, How To Fail is a celebration of failure. Elizabeth invites a variety of guests from different backgrounds to discuss their biggest failures, what they learned from them and how they turned that into success.
Quote of the week
On the blog
Recovering from feelings of failure
How and when to show up for family is a familiar struggle and can often leave us feeling like we’re letting people down or “failing” them.  In this week’s blog, our ambassador Zoe Share explores this topic by reflecting on a recent event in her own life.
It may be time to put a little more pep in your LinkedIn step to get what you would like on LinkedIn and stay on top. Here are 10 tips from Shelly Elsliger to help you do that… Read more
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