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Beating the January blahs is such a challenge. That’s why we’re sharing stories of women to admire and inspire at a time when you probably need it most. All the women we have had the privilege to interview for our channel have inspired us, and offered a number of takeaways. In this week’s video, we share three quotes, and reflect on why they’ve resonated with us on both a personal and business level.

January is also a great time to catch up on your reading. No one knows this better than the Canadian publishing titan, Anna Porter. Rather than ask for her recommendations we recommend you read her story, “In Other Words. How I fell in Love with Canada One Book at a Time.” The Founder of Key Porter Books, in 1991 she was made an Officer in The Order of Canada. If that wasn’t enough she is also a celebrated author. All of these accomplishments make her inspiring and a Canadian heroine.

However, a heroine doesn’t have to be real to have appeal, and make you feel inspired. Based on a tragic fire in Paris in 1897, the new Netflix series, ‘Bonfire of Destiny’, gives you not one, but three women, who survive a horrific event, and are determined to turn tragedy into triumph. Most of us thankfully, live lives that are a little less dramatic. We just want to be happy. And if you’re looking for some inspiration in that area, we’ve got you covered with a new video out on Apple, appropriately titled, “Happy”.

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On our channel
We are so grateful for the fantastic advice we’ve received from all the women we’ve interviewed. Inspiring, heartfelt, and informative, are just a few words that come to mind. In this vlog we share three quotes that really spoke to us. Aisha Addo, Marilyn Barefoot, and Meghan Walker speak from their hearts. Take a look.
What’s inspiring us
Anna Porter’s memoir,  “In Other Words“, is a charming and fascinating look at the world of publishing. In the 1980’s when she founded Key Porter Books, Canadian authors were coming into their own and becoming known around the world. Their success can largely be credited to Anna herself. Her story is fascinating and her memoir is a “love letter to many of the writers she championed.”
Netflix’s original series, Bonfire of Destiny, is a French production. It’s a historical and social drama series based on a true event, the horrific fire of 1897, at a charity event in Paris, in which 125 people (mostly women and children) were killed. The atrocity is that it was a society event full of aristocratic men who shamelessly shoved, pushed, and trampled over the women, in order to save themselves. The story follows three women affected by the fire in different ways, each seeking emancipation from their situation. The twists and turns of the story will keep you hooked!
If you’re looking for an optimistic and engaging documentary – watch Happy. This beautiful film jumps from scientific research to funny, sometimes emotional, testimonials of people from countries around the world. ‘Happy’ explores the secrets behind our most valued emotion. And it’s sure to make you smile 🙂
On the blog

In this beautiful and very personal story,  Libby Wildman reminds us to think about the things we’d rather not, before it’s too late. Read more

She’s happenings
Our ambassadors, The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, are having another fantastic event and it’s already sold out! But guess what? You’re in luck because we have the last two tickets! To WIN them all you have to do is follow them on Instagram and click here to refer a friend! It’s going to be so much fun with great food and entertainment. Look forward to seeing you there.

Safe For Work is a podcast about helping you find balance and happiness in your career. Hosts Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano offer great advice that’s also fun, and lively. We particularly loved this episode on Navigating the Entrepreneurial Landscape, but there are so many great topics it’s impossible to choose just one. They also talk to experts about those moments at the office that can challenge the best of us; negotiating raises, knowing when it’s time to move on, or dealing with that pesky office mate who knows no boundaries! Liz and Rico talk with callers, business leaders, and noted know-it-alls who share their hard-earned wisdom from the trenches.

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