Empowerment: Pride in Yourself


We are all about women celebrating women and this week we take “pride” in sharing our interview with Drag Queen Miss Luna Dubois who gives us a whole new perspective on how to do that.

Taking pride in yourself is also a theme for our featured video with Aisha Addo founder of Power to Girls. Through her mentorship program Aisha encourages marginalized girls to take pride in their unique heritage and use it as a power for good.

And finally we are introducing a new feature with Shelly Elsliger the founder of LinkedIn in High Heels. Shelly is dedicated to empowering women in business by teaching them to create powerful profiles that celebrate their unique gifts. So let’s get this party started!


Jessica and Tracy

On the channel

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me.” Aisha Addo disagrees.

Aisha Addo is the founder of Power To Girls Foundation. A non profit organization to offer young girls the mentors and role models that were absent for her growing up.

Aisha’s passion is empowering black and marginalized girls to reach their full potential and be leaders in society. For someone so young her advice is profound and thought-provoking.

Watch this video to learn about Aisha’s life and work

What’s inspiring us this week…

Can young women be inspired by a Drag Queen?

Absolutely! Tom is a fashion graduate who has taken his passion for fashion to a whole new level with the creation of his drag queen persona Miss Luna Dubois. Luna is a celebration of all things female and by dressing as his fashion idols he inspires women and girls to celebrate their power and beauty. We love Luna and we know you will too.

Watch our interview with Miss Luna Dubois!

Quote of the week

LinkedIn tip to keep you on TOP

Your Background Branding Photo

Introducing our new feature “LinkedIn Tip to Keep you on Top”. We have partnered with globally recognized LinkedIn trainer Shelly Elsliger. Each newsletter, Shelly will share a fantastic tip for growing your presence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social media platforms – knowing how to use it effectively is a skill everyone can benefit from. We are excited and grateful for this latest collaboration.

Visuals matter on LinkedIn. So, if you are still using the default blue silhouette as your background photo, it’s time to customize it and own that incredible piece of visual real estate. The background photo allows you to give your page some personality – and it is all about branding. Your background photo can do an amazing job of reinforcing your brand and differentiating your profile to make it uniquely yours. It can connect you to your industry, specializations, skills, show yourself in action or at an event, or providing a service or demonstrating a product.

Think brand colours, images and fonts, your logo, tagline, services, contact information; anything really relevant that can speak your offerings. You can also change it once in awhile if you have something to showcase or market – almost like a temporary image to create short-term impact. This space should always spell “opportunity” for you.

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