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This week we’re celebrating ethical entrepreneurs. In our latest video we share the story of global youth influencer and entrepreneur Kelly Lovell, who at the age of 25 has a resume that would be impressive for someone three times her age. Focusing on sustainable development and women’s empowerment, she says the key to her success is self-confidence.

That’s something Stasia Savasuk knows a lot about from painful real life experience. A personal stylist and passionate thrifter she shares her journey to self-acceptance through her vulnerable TEDx Talk. Now on a mission to empower other women, this is someone you’ll want to connect with.

And finally, in this week’s vlog we are hanging out with the ladies from Elena’s Club who recently put together an impressive panel of ethical entrepreneurs. These women are passionate about making sure that what goes in your body and on your body is planet friendly.


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Young Entrepreneurs Seek Passion and Purpose in their Careers

Youth Influencer Kelly Lovell talks about overcoming her personal struggles, building self-confidence and owning her unique style. A speaker at the United Nations she is globally recognized as an expert on working with Generation Z and Millennials. Kelly is an entrepreneur and thought leader on youth innovation and the future of work.

Watch this video to learn about Kelly’s life and work

What’s inspiring us this week…

This a MUST WATCH! Stasia Savasuk is an “eco-conscious, community-supported and globally aware” personal stylist unlike anyone you’ve come across before. Inspired by her physically challenged daughter, Stasia has made it a mission to create “inside out congruency.” Through her style school she teaches you to answer the questions, “Who am I?” and “How do I want to show up in the world?”

Her goal is to get women to connect to what makes them feel empowered, brave, bold and beautiful and create a personal style that celebrates that. Her online style school, which she runs twice a year, sells out in minutes with no marketing and is described by her devoted participants as “life-changing.”

Speaking of brave, bold and in this case, funny women, we were also incredibly moved this week by Ellen DeGeneres interview with David Letterman on the Netflix show My Guest Needs No Introduction. Once again Ellen goes out on a limb sharing a very personal story about the sexual abuse she was a victim of as a young girl. She hopes that by sharing her story more victims will be believed and be encouraged to speak out. Ellen inspires us not only with her bravery but also with her kindness.

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Elena’s Club and Ethical Entrepreneurs

Elena’s Club co-founder Bronwyn Schnurr writes about her organization’s belief in the power of women and community – and the fact that women owned and operated small and medium businesses are underrepresented in Canada. Read our latest blog here.

We recently attended an event at Elena’s Club – who are also ambassadors for She’s on Top. We love Elena’s Club as our values are very aligned. Their events are structured around bringing women together to connect and learn more about each other. In this interview Emily Nadaff, one of the co-founders, talks about the amazing panel of ethical entrepreneurs they put together for their latest event. Watch the interview here.

Taylor Frankel the co-founder of the Nudestix talks about why it was important to not only create make-up designed to enhance your natural beauty but to also make it ethical and sustainable. Watch the interview here.

Meet Joy Yap the founder of the eco-friendly skincare company Wyld Skin Care. Watch the interview here.

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