Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
There’s something romantic about Halloween. The crispness of the autumn air, the multi coloured leaves, and the warm glow of pumpkins. Ghosts and tiny superheroes roam the streets, looking for the spookiest house, and the best candy. For many of us, it is a favourite holiday. Perhaps we love it because it’s a celebration we all share? And, it’s a time to connect with our community. We open our doors and invite people into our homes. We give treats. We dress up any way we want. And for one magical evening all our concerns and differences are replaced with laughter and excitement. In that spirit we decided to share a funny video from our first YouTube channel. What’s not to love about a ‘Puking Pumpkin’? And in our blog this week, our ambassador Zoe Share talks about the bewitching weekend she spent at Dovetail, a summer camp for female entrepreneurs. It was a profound and transformative experience, as it always seems to be when women come together.

When we celebrate each other we create magic.

Jessica and Tracy

On our channel

Before we launched ‘She’s on Top’, we created a fun YouTube channel called ‘eztvonline’. The tag line was ‘laugh and learn’. Hosted by Second City alumni Albert Howell, it was a combination of humour and ‘how to’. Albert was taught by a variety of experts how to do simple tasks. In this video, expert chef Andrea Bucket attempts to teach Albert how to make a Halloween treat. While it’s not a ‘She’s on Top’ video, it’s a little bit of who we are and what we hope to inspire, which is to remember to laugh at yourself and not to take life too seriously.

What’s inspiring us
A Discovery of Witches is the sexy Harry Potter for grown-ups. It’s a multi-layered saga that takes you to London, Venice and Paris. In this metaphorical tale, Diana Bishop is a young historian who for years has been denying her own power. She must learn that in order to solve her problems and fully become who she was meant to be, she must connect to her heart, not her head. Luckily she has a sexy vampire (played by Mathew Good) to help her. It’s smart, sexy, compelling TV and we are counting the days to season two.
On the blog
In this week’s blog, our ambassador Zoe Share talks about her recent experience at Dovetail Basecamp, a weekend retreat for female entrepreneurs. Facing Fear: Open Body, Open Heart is an inspiring and honest look at facing your fears head on.

Sometimes we think that it takes special powers to be successful. But this podcast with Marc Randolph, the co-founder of Netflix, tells you otherwise. Jay Shetty interviews Randolph, who talks about how great it is to have dreams and ideas, but how do you turn them into a successful business? There’s lots of great advice here, but what we loved was how he talks about ‘just starting’ in a small way, being open to change, and being able to pivot when necessary. Take your dreams and fly with them! And listen to this podcast – we think you’ll love it.

This weeks tip from Shelly Elsliger is all about posting articles on LinkedIn. Never JUST share an article. After you’ve published an article on PULSE, grab the URL and create an update about the piece, explaining who would benefit from reading it. This allows you to give more context and speak to the targeted audience…read more.
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