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Podcasts have exploded! In the last few years they’ve become so popular that it seems you can’t have a brand without having a podcast (we’ve had a debate about this many times ourselves). And the beauty of podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere. Whether you use them to tune out and relax, or tune in and learn, they are a powerful means of communication. In this week’s videos, we’re talking with two podcast experts who give us their take on the ‘how to’s’ of the podcasting world. Our ambassador, Sara Flicht, has her own unique spin on podcasting that involves audience collaboration. And finally, in our ‘What’s inspiring us’ section, we’re sharing a new documentary on sex expert, Dr. Ruth. Her frank and entertaining views on sex and relationships are as relevant now as they were 40 years ago. So we just have one question for you. Are you listening?

Jessica and Tracy

On our channel
Double your pleasure and double your fun this week, as we’re sharing two videos. Both videos ‘double down’ on the tips and tricks for creating your own podcast, or pitching your brand as a guest on a podcast. Our expert hosts, Andrea Bain and Meghan Walker share the inside scoop on getting the word out.
What’s inspiring us
Have you ever had a day when you’ve felt overwhelmed, tired, and a little bit sorry for yourself? Well, next time you’re feeling like your dreams may be out of reach, might be the day to watch this documentary. Ruth Westheimer is the funny, quirky, American sex therapist known to us all as ‘Dr. Ruth’. She’s an author, a radio and television host, and also a holocaust survivor. By any standards, she’s had a ‘serious’ life. However, she seems to have chosen not to take life too seriously. That’s why, at just under five feet tall, and at the age of 91, she is a reminder to everyone to stand tall, enjoy the ride, and go for the impossible.
On the blog
Our ambassador, Sara Flicht is no stranger to podcasting. After taking a deep dive in a difficult year and becoming a huge fan of a number of them, she decided to start her own. Sara talks about how listening to podcasts was a welcome relief and a source of inspiration during a difficult year.
She’s Happenings
On December 8th, Sara Flicht will be putting on another of her fantastic comedy events at Creeds Cafe. ‘Refried Babez‘ is a hilarious, all female-identifying comedy variety show, bringing people together to laugh with, showcase, and celebrate women.
Meet our new ambassador
We are growing!  We are excited to welcome a new ambassador to the She’s On Top Community.  Libby Wildman is the founder of The Collective Women’s Enterprepreneur Community. Libby is passionate about women coming together and sharing their stories in order to scale their business.  Welcome Libby!

Rule of 3 is a podcast like none you’ve ever heard before. Why? Because as a listener, you rule the conversation! Each week three words are randomly selected from submissions and become the topic of an episode. It’s a fun, fresh approach and it’s created and hosted by one of our favourite people, Sara Flicht!

Another MUST listen to podcast, is Meghan Walker’s, Entropology, geared toward female entrepreneurs and “go-getters”. Meghan has an unusual and quirky approach when it comes to her topics and guests that has created a large and devoted following.
Check out this episode where she explores the must-have mindset for female entepreneurs.
In this weeks LinkedIn tip from Shelly Elsliger, we learn the importance of the connection. Entrepreneurs can benefit from having a connection action plan and strategy with LinkedIn. Making a list of people you would like to do business with in the future, such as clients, investors, ambassadors, and potential partners. But also, don’t forget to connect with those past/current clients. They will be ‘key’ to making those significant and meaningful introductions…Read more
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