It’s The Holidays..Ho No!

The holidays are a nostalgic time. For many of us, this is the time of year when we connect to our ancestral and familial roots. In the spirit of looking back and celebrating the past, we’re sharing two videos from our first channel, eztvonline. You’ll learn ‘how to’ cook, carve, and plate a turkey. This is also the time of year when we are out and about celebrating with friends and co-workers. And as, ‘what happens at the office party rarely stays at the office party’, exercising some discretion is advisable! Check out our ‘office party etiquette’ guide from guest blogger Susy Fossati. And, chances are, after all the holiday celebrations, you’ll want to kick back and indulge in some well earned viewing time. We highly recommend the new documentary about the making of, ‘Fiddler On The Roof’. It examines why the play has remained relevant for over half a century. If you haven’t seen the play or movie, you’ve probably heard the songs, which share the theme of this season. Tradition!

Jessica and Tracy

On our channel
With the holidays around the corner we thought we’d share two of our favourite videos from our other YouTube channel, ‘eztvonline’. In these videos, our host Albert learns how to cook a turkey as well as carve and plate one. While Albert’s ineptitude is highly entertaining,  you’ll also learn some serious tips from the amazing chef and cooking instructor, Andrea Buckett.
What’s inspiring us
It’s been 55 years since the musical, Fiddler On The Roofopened on Broadway. Set in Russia, and exploring the Jewish experience of the old world, it seemed an unlikely hit. However, since it’s opening on September 22, 1964, it has played somewhere in the world every single day. It has been adopted across multiple cultures and reproduced in Yiddish. The documentary, ‘Fiddler, a Miracle of Miracles’, looks at the challenges of turning the writings of Yiddish author, Sholem Aleichem, into a musical. It also explains why the material has stayed relevant and resonant for multiple decades, as history continues to repeat itself. Perhaps the most important message is that the story ends on a note of love, faith, and hope.
Did you know that one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the silver screen also designed a secret weapon against Nazi Germany? A compelling read for the holidays is ‘The Only Woman in the Room‘, by Marie Benedict. Based on the life of Hollywood film star Hedy Lamarr, this novel shows how hard it is to be a smart woman in a man’s world. She was beautiful, and a genius. This powerful novel is based on the incredible story of the glamour icon, and scientist, whose groundbreaking invention revolutionised modern communication. It’s a page turner that’s sure to get you through the holidays.
On the blog

The idea of discussing  ‘etiquette’ for your office party may seem as antiquated as this picture. However, it’s never been more important, especially since many of us tend to socialize online. In this blog, etiquette expert Susy Fossatishares some tips that can make the difference between being well respected at work, or being known as the ‘office party girl’. Ho Ho Ho.

Trying to find the perfect holiday gifts is stressful, if not downright impossible! In this blogwe talk about a very simple way to make the people in your life feel appreciated.

She’s happenings
The Society of Beer ladies is having another awesome event. Sign up by January 10th and get $5.00 OFF your ticket. 

In Lady Gaga’s recent interview with Oprah on the SuperSoul Conversations podcast, she talks about the lessons she’s learned as an international pop star, actress and cultural icon. She also shares intimate details on how and why she created her famous persona as well as her new make-up brand ‘Haus Cosmetic’. Her wisdom and words about kindness are powerful, moving and inspiring: “Kindness frees all things. Kindness heals the world. Kindness brings people together and keeps us healthy”. Going into the holidays, this podcast couldn’t be more on point.

LinkedIn tip to keep you on TOP
In the weeks LinkedIn tip from Shelly Elsliger we learn about the 5 things to avoid doing on LinkedIn. You’re not gonna want to miss this important info… Read more
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