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‘Happy New Year’, seems like an understatement for the year 2020. This is the start of a new decade, and with all the changes afoot, it feels like the dawn of a new age. What will all of this mean for you and your business? If you ask us, it’s all about connections.

And when it comes to connecting online, our ambassador and resident expert is happy to weigh in. Zoe Share is a specialist in the world of digital media, and she’s sharing her insights in this week’s video.

The extraordinary connections between the residents of a small town are explored in the book we are sharing this month, ‘Olive Again’, written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Elizabeth Strout.
If you want actual proof that we are all connected, look no further than nature. Animal species have intricate ways of communicating, and we are just learning how that information is passed down through generations. This idea is explored in a fascinating documentary about crows; ‘The intelligent World of Crows’.

Creating beneficial connections between women is the driving force behind ‘She’s On Top’. We hope that more connections, and encouragement, will empower women to make the changes needed for a better world. Creating a blueprint for female empowerment and leadership is also the subject of this week’s podcast for ‘Walkie Talkie’.

Marianne Williamson famously said, “We are not afraid of being powerless, we are afraid of how powerful we are.” This is undeniable when you look at Time Magazine’s ‘Most Important Person of the Year’, 2019, Greta Thunberg. So this year, this decade, we encourage you to step into your power and make a connection. In other words, “Be like Greta.”

Jessica and Tracy

On our channel
The rules of social media are changing every day, and who better to talk about it than our ambassador, Zoe Share. In this video, Zoe tells us how to be really effective making an impression on line and where it’s going in 2020. You might be surprised at what she has to say!!! Also, some great business advice to boot. Zoe is the founder and CEO of Schmooze Media, a digital marketing agency, and we couldn’t be prouder to have her as part of the ‘She’s on Top’ team.
What’s inspiring us
Over the holidays we read the sequel to Olive Kitteridge, Olive Again, by Pulitzer Prize winning author Elizabeth Strout, and what a delight! Set in a small town in Maine, the book is made up of 13 interconnected stories. These tales are told from a range of perspectives and explore grief, loneliness, and familial torments. But there is also hope. You will recognize yourself, as well as the people you care about, in these stories.  
Originally airing on PBS and now available on YouTube, this documentary, Crows, is a fascinating look at the intelligence of crows, from the way they use tools to the way they communicate and pass on information. After watching this, you’ll want to ‘mind your p’s and q’s’ around them, as they might just be talking about you.
On the blog

“Building collaborative relationships can make all the difference in earning credibility and building trust over and over again” says Zoe Share in this heartfelt blog. Zoe explains how having collaborative ambassadors can make your brand more trustworthy, and coming from the person who created our “ambassador program” we couldn’t agree more.

She’s happenings
Our ambassador Libby Wildman is holding a a speaker free day where you are the speaker. At curated tables of 5 other women entrepreneurs, you will have dedicated time to discuss your current business challenge and get experiential feedback. And get a dash of mindfulness training too. Event is on January 21st from 12:30 to 6:30pm. Click here for details.
Our ambassadors, The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies are having another fantastic event and you can win two free tickets! All you have to do is follow them on Instagram and click here to refer a friend! It’s going to be so much fun with great food and entertainment. Look forward to seeing you there.
Meet our new ambassador
We are thrilled to introduce you to our first US ambassador, Melinda Wittstock. A Canadian ex-pat, Melinda has travelled and lived all over the world and currently resides in Betheseda, Maryland She is an award winning journalist as well as a serial entrepreneur, who has created several mulit-millon dollar businesses. She is also a passionate believer in #womensupportingwomen. She is an extraordinary woman and it is our extreme privilege to have her as an ambassador for She’s on Top. To learn more about this incredible woman click here.

We are so excited about this collaboration with Dr. Meghan Walker. Once a month we will be sharing one of her podcasts from her amazing “Entrepology Series.” In this episode Meghan talks with Adele Tevlin, and they lay out a blueprint for female leadership, including shifting your mindset so you don’t self-sabotage. Who is Adele? Listen and find out!

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