This week we are focused on health and fitness, both physical and mental, starting with our video featuring the amazing naturopath, Dr. Meghan Walker. Meghan shares her tips for optimizing the health of “female entrepreneurs and go-getters.” Speaking of go-getters, we recently attended a GIST event. The GIST is a community of women supporting and promoting women in sports. As we all know and top athletes will tell you, the game is as much mental as physical. Tracy learned this herself on her recent trip to Rancho La Puerta. She knew it would be a much needed rest and physical recuperation but what she didn’t expect was that she would come away with a mental boost and a new sense of self-worth.

We love sharing stories of incredible women and if you want to learn more about what inspired us to create She’s On Top, take a listen toour interview on Dr. Meghan Walker’s podcastEntrepology. Make sure to check out all her podcasts for more inspiring advice and tips.

So let’s take a deep cleansing breath and dive right in.

Jessica and Tracy

On our channel
Dr. Meghan Walker is a naturopath specializing in “optimizing the health of female entrepreneurs and go-getters.” She is also a serial entrepreneur and podcast host. We were privileged to be featured recently on her “Entrepology” podcast which focuses on business, body, brain and the inner bad-ass of women entrepreneurs. In this video she shares insights from her own experience as an entrepreneur as well as great tips for elevating your performance in life and work.
What’s inspiring us this week
Gentleman Jack is the new MUST WATCH  HBO series written and produced by the amazing Sally Wainwright ( Happy Valley, Last Tango In Halifax, Scott and Bailey). It is FANTASTIC!  Starring Suranne Jones in the title role, it is the celebration of Anne Lister the landowner and industrialist and one of the first “openly gay” woman in history. Though it was “unspoken” it is clear that Anne was not interested in keeping her sexual preferences a secret and she dressed and lived on her own terms. Based on Anne’s actual diaries, Sally Wainwright has created an incredibly compelling, binge-worthy series that you won’t want to miss.

This week we had the privilege of attending a fun evening event thrown by The GIST. The Gist is a group of amazing young women who created their own community because they felt “undeserved by the sports industry today”. They provide sports news, experiences and community for women by women. Check out our interviews with one of the founders Ellen Hyslop as well as some inspiring guests from their recent event.

Quote of the week
On the blog
In this weeks blog, Tracy shares lessons learned from a recent trip to a spa in Mexico;  including how a supportive community of women can be the most healing treatment of all.

Read our latest blog here

Meet our new ambassador

We are excited to announce a new ambassador to the She’s on Top community.  Shelly Elsliger is an engaging LinkedIn Trainer and President of Linked-Express. She is also referred to as a LinkedIn Superwoman. Shelly coaches and empowers executives, diverse  leaders, aspiring women leaders, business students and job seekers, as well as corporate teams; inspiring them to maximize their professional branding potential, social influence, and leadership ability on LinkedIn.

Shelly’s diverse experience as a professional LinkedIn trainer and coach allows her to bring a unique breadth of knowledge, as well as an aspect of fun and passion to all her workshops and speaking engagements. “LinkedIn in High-Heels: Rise-Up and Lead Online” is her signature workshop aimed at helping women business leaders successfully rise up, own their space and find their voice online. 

Social Recognition Matters on LinkedIn
Recommendations are important on LinkedIn. These public recognitions of aspects of your professional success are a way to build your credibility and value. LinkedIn recommendations are easily verified. Whoever reads the recommendations can visit the profile of whoever gave it you and evaluate the source’s credibility. Some LinkedIn recommendations are much better than others. But the good thing is that before any recommendation goes public you can decide to add it, dismiss it, or ask for revisions. You can also hide older recommendations by clicking on the icon in the recommendations session and toggling to either “show” or “hide” each one. It’s also important to keep an eye on out-of date and irrelevant recommendations / testimonials. You want to have this section inline with your career goals and help move you forward.   Read more.
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