Seanna Thomas

Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Seanna Thomas has been a Holistic Nutritional Consultant for over a decade and is Mom to three very active kids. Her company began when she saw her then 7-year old son eating a bag of chips at 8:00AM after hockey practice. She knew we could do better, and Hockey Snacks was born.

She has worked as a food educator for families, sports teams, and corporations, both in person and online. Now she conducts hands-on team nutrition workshops and parent/coach seminars for all youth sports teams. Seanna’s passion is making health convenient for everyone and changing the paradigm for young athletes of being active and healthy and fuelling themselves properly. Her goal is to integrate an essential nutrition program into all youth sports development.

Seanna has appeared frequently on local television and in multiple publications discussing health, wellness, and developing recipes. Currently, Seanna is a regular contributor to GTHL Breakout magazine and Triathlon Magazine Canada, and her own Hockey Snacks website.

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