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It’s officially summer! Remember when you were a kid and had two months off from school and it felt like an eternity. The world was your oyster. Now years seem to fly by in the blink of an eye.This week we’re sharing some of the top tips we’ve researched and use ourselves to help you get organized so you have more time for yourself. During that new found down time we suggest you check out the amazing documentary “The Woman Who Loved Giraffes.” This is the story of Anne Innis Daggwho spent her time in the early 50’s studying giraffes in South Africa only to be prevented from continuing her research for 30 years because she was a woman.  We are excited to introduce the new ambassador to the She’s on Top community, Marilyn Bareoot, of Barefoot Brainstorming. She brings an incredibly unique and creative approach to everything she does. And finally, our amabassador Sara Flicht interviews a group of amazing women who have spent their valuable time creating shows for this summer’s Toronto Fringe Festival.  So let the hazy, crazy, lazy days of summer begin!

Jessica and Tracy

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Time management tips to help you get the most out of your summer

Nothing is more valuable than your time. Time is the one thing you can’t get back. So what’s more important than managing your time effectively?

It really comes down to what’s important to you.In this video we review time management strategies from “the experts”. Why now? Because it’s summer time, our favourite time, when the living should be easy

What’s inspiring us this week
We absolutely LOVE this documentary The Woman Who Loved Giraffes. Canada’s Jane Goddall of giraffes was ignored for decades because she was a woman. This film about the life of Anne Innis Dagg manages to be informative, hearbreaking and inspiring all at the same time. We also really enjoyed this interview with Russell Brand and Brene Brown. Great parenting tips as well as life hacks on creating strong boundaries for yourself and others.
Quote of the week
On the blog
New on the blog this week is an article from our ambassador Sara Flicht. Sara talks about female presence in theatre and in the Fringe as well as the normalization of female stories on stage.Read our latest blog here

Meet our new ambassador

We’re very excited to announce our new ambassador Marilyn Barefoot. Watch this video to learn more about her and her company Barefoot Brainstorming. Marilyn inspires teams to look at every project as an opportunity to be original. We are honoured to have this three time nominee for the Rotman Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and a much sought after speaker as part of the She’s on Top ambassador program. 

LinkedIn tip to keep you on TOP
Pay Your TOP Skills Forward
LinkedIn’s search algorithm works with “key” words because it is a way for you to put your best foot forward professionally and be recognized for your skills, especially if you’re  showcasing your specialties or searching for a new job / opportunity. The Skill and Endorsement section on your LinkedIn profile is an amazing space to promote your know how […]  Read more

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