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As this is our first newsletter we decided to make it a celebration of firsts. We’re sharing the first video we made with the dynamic serial entrepreneur and YouTube star Melissa Maker. In this video Melissa talks about her journey from her first cleaning job to the creation of a multi-million dollar cleaning brand. We’re also hanging out with director/producer Sara Flicht, who just had her first all-female comedy show at Creeds Coffee Bar in Toronto.

Our first ambassador was Zoe Share, founder of the digital marketing consulting firm, Schmooz Media. This creative, enthusiastic and dynamic entrepreneur shares some of her firsts with us, from hiring and firing employees to the first time she thought about calling it quits.

Our dream for this newsletter and community is to connect and celebrate women across the country, the continent and maybe even the world. But no matter what happens we will always be grateful to YOU, because when we put out the call to subscribe you said yes FIRST.

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On the channel

Learn how Melissa Maker ofClean My Spacebuilt her multi-million dollar cleaning empire

In this video you get a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of Melissa Maker, wife, mother and entrepreneur. What does that mean? Well in this case it’s answering our questions while bottle feeding baby Riley. No one knows you better than mom and that’s why we asked Sandi Maker to give us the scoop on Melissa.

Watch this video to learn what it takes to be successful

What’s inspiring us this week…

We just watched Brené Brown’s new Netflix special – The Call to Courage – on vulnerability and gratitude. It’s a must watch.

Also take a look at a fantastic documentary called In Search of Greatness – delving into the lives of unlikely athletes who, against all odds, rose to the top of their field. This fascinating documentary is “not the story of who but the story of why.”

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New on the blog

Learning from Each Other’s “Firsts”

In the world of entrepreneurship, it feels that there is a never ending amount of firsts. What is it like to hire someone for the first time? What about the first time firing an employee? Zoe Share of Schmooz Media writes about how she might have been saved a lot of pain and sleepless nights on her entrepreneur journey if she’d been able to learn from other people’s firsts.

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Behind the scene: Sara Flicht

Sara grew up watching Saturday Night Live religiously and looking up to women in comedic spaces. Ones who were not afraid to act or look “silly” and take risks as performers.

“Refried Babez came out of a need I felt as a female in comedy to create events that put the focus on womxn. I am fairly new to the scene; but even with little time involved, I have seen way too much discrimination, heckling, sexism and intolerance at shows and in comedic communities. The intention for myself as a producer is to remove the negativity. I want to promote spaces that foster a comfortable and casual feel. That way the environment stays positive, supportive and fun above all else!”

Watch our interview with Sara

Quote of the week

Betty White exemplifies that life can be a celebration if you choose it to be. At 97 she is the oldest person to earn an Emmy nomination and to have hosted Saturday Night Live. Her incredible wit and general zest for life is something we aspire to.
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