Joanna Track

Joanna Track is the founder and executive publisher of The Bullet, Canada’s digital destination for your quick shot of daily news. The morning news blast delivers premium content directly via email, cutting down the time it takes to get caught up on current events, with a dose of humour to make it go down easy.

She is best known for her prior entrepreneurial pursuits, and
eLUXE, two of Canada’s most well known online destinations for women. was the first of its kind in Canada and became the ultimate destination for women to stay in the know about trends and happenings in their city. In July 2006, Rogers Publishing recognized this success too and purchased a stake in the company, then acquired it wholly in 2010.

In addition to building her businesses, Joanna shares her experience with entrepreneurship, branding and publishing through numerous speaking and media engagements, as well as teaching Digital Marketing at York University.

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