The After Life

WRITTEN BY: Jessica Wright

The arrival of the Covid19 pandemic has changed everything. We all find ourselves living in a strange, scary and unfamiliar world, wondering if we will ever make it back to the life we knew before. No one is unaffected. For me it depends on the day. Some days I’m exhausted and I find myself struggling to keep my thoughts organized. Others I wake up feeling energetic with a renewed sense of optimism. I try and eat well, take long walks and a hot shower helps with the occasional stiffness and body aches.

The other day I was toweling myself off when I looked up and was surprised to see a wasp crawling up the window. It seemed way too early. And how did “she” get in the house? I was so amazed that I ran into the other room to text my friend. When I came back to the
bathroom she was gone. I scanned the walls and ceiling but I couldn’t see her anywhere. I assumed she had flown off into another room.

I forgot about her until this morning, when once again I was toweling off and looked over to see her slowly crawling up the water soaked window. She was clearly exhausted and struggling to hang on. I was overwhelmed with emotion and determined that she survive. I ran downstairs and got a glass and a piece of cardboard and ran back upstairs worried she would disappear again, but she was still there. I carefully eased the piece of cardboard under her and was about to cover her with the glass but I realized there was no need. She barely had any energy and seemed grateful for a helping hand and a dry surface to cling onto.

I carried her downstairs and out into the garden and placed the cardboard next to the leaf of a new lily sprouting out of the ground. She got hold of it with her two front legs and I removed the cardboard. But the bottom of her hung off the leaf and I realized she couldn’t lift herself up. I gently placed the cardboard under her again and eased the rest of her onto the leaf. Then I left her to dry out in the sun.

When I checked back half an hour later she was still there warming herself, a bit stunned but very much alive. I’m not worried. Even though she’s been through an extraordinary ordeal, I know she will be okay. She’s a fighter. She just needs time to recover. I’ll let you know how’s she’s doing.

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