The new normal


Like everyone else we are adjusting to the ‘new normal’. We have taken the last week and a half to think about how we want to move forward and provide the best value for our community. To that end we are launching a zoom video series called “The New Normal.” These will be 10-minute interviews with female entrepreneurs and change makers in our community. We feel that community is more important than ever. Our mission at She’s On Top has always been to celebrate end elevate women and we feel this is the best way to do that. We are going to use these interviews to find out how women are adjusting personally and professionally in these challenging times. How are they pivoting their business? How can we as a community help them?

Our hope is that by sharing as many stories as possible we will be able to highlight and provide ideas on how we can come together and not only survive but thrive over the next few months.

We are not sure whether we will continue with the newsletter during this time period but regardless our videos will be shared on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook at 4pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you’d like to be notified about these videos please make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell button.

We are grateful for your continued support and hope that you will engage with us on one of our social media platforms and share your thoughts, feedback, requests, etc. We are here.

“When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘We’ even ‘Illness’ becomes ‘Wellness’.”

With love,
Jessica and Tracy

Meet our new ambassador
We have a new ambassador! In these crazy times we are so grateful for all the amazing women that are stepping up to support our community. Seanna Thomas is the founder and CEO of “Hockey Snacks”, a line of nutritional snacks for kids. To learn more about Seanna and her passion for healthy living check out her bio on our ambassador page. Seanna will also be part of our “New Normal” series where you can learn how she is pivoting her business to meet the needs of the community now.
On our channel
Welcome to our new series, The New Normal. In this series we will be talking to women entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers in our community. We’ll be learning how they are adjusting or creating, “a new normal” for their family and business with the outbreak of Covid-19. We’re also going to be sharing tips and ideas and coming together as a community to celebrate and elevate each other during this challenging time. Please join us and share your thoughts and ideas. Together we are stronger.

When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘We’ even ‘Illness’ becomes ‘Wellness’.

What’s inspiring us
Just released on Apple TV, Ride Like A Girl, is the true story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup in its’ 155-year history. Directed by Rachel Griffiths and starring Teresa Palmer and Sam Neil, it is the inspiring story of one girl’s perseverance in the face of incredible odds. The movie also stars, Michelle Payne’s, mentally disabled brother, playing himself.

An original Hulu production, now available on Netflix, Hilary is a 4 part documentary series on the life of Hilary Rodham Clinton. Whether you’re a fan or not, throw out everything you thought you knew and watch this. It is an incredibly honest, compelling binge-worthy documentary about the life of a passionate woman with strong convictions, dedicated to raising up the lives of women and serving her country. A woman who is aware of the polarizing views she evokes, when asked what she wanted her gravestone to read she replied – “She was neither as good or bad as people said she was.”

Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J Walker, is the original Netflix series about the first self-made female millionaire in the United States, who was also African American. It stars Octavia Spencer and is written by Nicole Jefferson Asher. Madam C. J Walker made her fortune developing and marketing a line of hair care products and cosmetics for African American women. There are many aspects to this woman’s legacy but perhaps the most important one is that she was able to employ 20,000 mostly African American female sales agents, offering them independence and a chance at a better future. A legacy that had a ripple effect for generations to come.
On the blog

In this blog, our ambassador, Melinda Wittstock, shares some thoughts and valuable insights on how to put a positive spin on some of the most challenging aspects of this strange new world we all find ourselves living in.

She’s happenings

Whew-these are crazy times!!

As a business that works with youth sports teams…ummm…let’s just say that our amabassador Seanna Thomas has been brainstorming and keeping positive!

She wants to be of service to families with kiddos at this time. Since everyone is at home with their kids, trying to get work done-she wants to help with the boredom and the insatiable hunger that these kids seem to have!! They are ALWAYS. HUNGRY.

So she’s come up with “Snacktivities”. She’ll be delivering allergy friendly snacks and paper based activities to households in the GTA.

The Home Front was created to collect, distribute and supply frontline medical workers with personal protection equipment and other critically needed items. We have an amazing team of grassroots volunteers and the support of several foundation leaders in Ontario. Right now, we are looking for companies and individuals that can help with our fundraising efforts, so that we can purchase gloves and masks.
Normally we share a single podcast in this section, but today we are sharing a brand new series: Brené Brown’s highly anticipated “Unlocking Us“. This podcast launched last week, and within one day it was the most listened to in North America. Author of five New York Times best-selling books, Brene’ focuses on teaching us that vulnerability is not weakness, but is in fact the thing that requires the most courage. Her timing couldn’t be better.
Final note
Even though we are all self-isolating, we will always be connected by the thing that matters most, love. Please stay safe. 
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