“You know what I find beautiful about your people? You are at your best when things are at their worst.” –Starman


This quote is from the 1984 film, “Starman”. Great viewing if you are looking for something to watch this weekend. Jeff Bridges plays an alien who takes on human form for a few weeks to observe human culture. 

Even though the film is 35 years old, that particular quote has always stuck because it’s true. We see evidence of it all over the world, and closer to home in the ‘She’s on Top’ community. As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we started a Zoom video series talking to women entrepreneurs and change-makers, discussing how they are coping personally and professionally with “the new normal” we are all experiencing.

We’ve been impressed with their ingenuity and generosity, and especially their vulnerability. We hope you will tune in as we feel there’s a lot of valuable advice and insights being shared. 

This past weekend the warmer weather inspired many of us to get out to our gardens and prepare for what we know lies ahead: spring and summer. We will get there, one day at a time.  

With love,
Jessica and Tracy
Meet our new ambassador
Even as our worlds become more insular, we are grateful that our community continues to expand. We are thrilled to announce that Joanna Track, CEO and Founder of ‘The Bullet’, is our newest ambassador. ‘The Bullet’ is a digital daily shot of the news delivered right to your inbox. We’ve been friends with Joanna for years, and she was generous enough to agree to be our first interview when we launched ‘She’s on Top’. She took a chance on us because that’s what she does.  Not only is she a great supporter of women, but she is also a savvy serial entrepreneur and a risk-taker, and it’s paid off. To learn more about Joanna, check out our YouTube channel where you can view not one but two videos where she shares her insights and expertise. 
On our channel

Today we’re sharing two interviews from our “New Normal” series that we launched last week. We are grateful for the insights, advice, and candor when it comes to how we are all adjusting. 
What’s inspiring us
Season 6 of Chef’s Table was recently released on Netflix. There are four episodes, two of which focus on female chefs: Asma Khan and Mashama Bailey. Both women are uprooted from their childhood homes, struggle with family expectations, and find themselves feeling lost and disconnected in an unfamiliar environment. They each make the decision to return to their respective homes where they reconnect to their cultures through food. By learning to create their own unique versions of the food they grew up with, their exquisite cuisine becomes not only a celebration of their history, but also a celebration of self. 

Unorthodox’ is the true story of Deborah Feldman, a woman who escapes the ultra-Orthodox community in which she grew up, by fleeing to Berlin, the home of her estranged mother. Based on her best selling novel of the same name, this original Netflix series is like nothing we have seen before. In fact it’s the best thing we’ve watched this year. While it’s unlikely you’ll recognize any of the actors, after watching this they will be unforgettable. Rather than trying to sum up the complex story, we are sharing a short interview with Deborah who explains her experience.

On the blog

We are all struggling in our own way. In today’s blog we share how a helping hand can bring relief and hope to both the giver and receiver. 

She’s happenings

This week we are thrilled to announce some news closer to home. Our new ambassador, Joanna Track, will be sharing an episode of our Zoom video series, “The New Normal”, every Thursday in ‘The Bullet’. If you haven’t signed up we encourage you to do so. At a time when the daily news is so heavy and overwhelming, this gives you the information you need, along with a dash of humour thrown in to help lighten the load. #womensupportingwomen

Please support our ambassadors The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies as they launch their Spring/Summer 2020 LCBO release with Brew0003: a Hazy Session IPA with Grapefruit & Lime. It’s a zesty little warmer weather sipper and it’s a partnership they have with Henderson Brewing with label art from local female Hamilton artist Jordynn Mackenzie. It’s low alcohol with a moderate bitterness and a pleasant citrus aroma and flavour. It will be hitting LCBO’s this week and around for roughly 6 months! Before it goes live at LCBO, you can get it NOW here:

Pop into the Bottle Shop at Henderson Brewing. Open 7 days a week, 10-10pm
Home Delivery  
  • FREE Toronto area delivery over $50
  • Province-wide shipping available via Canada Post
  • Swing by and pick-up your online order at the brewery Available across the province for shipping at www.beeronline.ca
Covid Food Drive is a community-sponsored initiative that was launched in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Their mission is to help Canadians in critical financial need obtain food and other basic supplies essential for daily living. What started out as one person’s kindness to pay for a single family’s grocery order, quickly ballooned into a grocery sponsorship program that has received almost $30,000 in donations and filled over 1500 orders to date. Their model offers families the flexibility to get access to the items they need most.

If you or your business are interested in getting involved, they are welcoming contributions, financial donations, volunteer support, or corporate sponsorships. Click here to learn more.

You can also follow their journey on Instagram and Facebook
Final note
Even on the toughest days this video can instantly bring a smile to our faces and often LOL joy! As one man said, “this is the father daughter relationship we all aspire to.”
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