Love In The Time Of Covid


This is the title that popped into our heads when we were thinking of what we wanted to discuss this week. Then we came across Ester Perel’s podcast of the same name. Obviously, love and Covid are something that is on everyone’s mind. We are several weeks into this time of isolation and uncertainty, and it’s being mirrored back to us in our relationships. So how do we navigate this “new normal” when there’s nothing normal about it. Will our relationships ever go back to the way they were? Do we want them to? We know that with all struggle comes the opportunity to transform. Our hope for you, and for us, is that we emerge from our cocoons with butterfly wings, ready to celebrate what we once might have taken for granted.

With love,
Jessica and Tracy
On our channel
This week we are sharing two videos, one is about our relationship to each other, and the second is about our furry companions. Both require a bit of thoughtful adaptation. We are grateful to relationship expert, Dr. Jess O’Reilly, and to Koryn Greenspan, the owner of Urban Dog Walks, for their insights and advice.
What’s inspiring us
Last week Netflix released the second season of Ricky Gervais’s, After Life. It is a powerful and compelling season that takes you on a deeper dive into the heartbreak and sadness of the main character as he moves into a new stage of grief. It’s also funny, optimistic and familiar. We too are grieving a life we know we will never get back; while at the same time hoping for a new one that we know will require us to be brave. Hopefully the rewards will be worth it.
On the blog

Domestic bliss isn’t always blissful under the best of circumstances. But sometimes the worst circumstances  can make things more fun. In this blog, one woman reluctantly becomes the sexy domestic goddess her partner always dreamed she’d be.

She’s happenings

We are excited to announce that our ambassador Zoe Share has co-written a new children’s book with Gabriella Rackoff! “ABC Sally Stay Home With Me“, employs the talents of 13 Canadian illustrators to help children understand what’s going on. It is whimsical and light but also hits on the real challenges faced by families at this time.

We are SO proud of Zoe! You can pre-order a copy of the book here

This week we have three podcasts for you. Two are from familiar and notable experts, and another from a new voice on the scene.

In Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris, Dan talks with Esther Perel who is on the front lines of the Covid battle. A renowned psychotherapist, she continues to do couples counselling even as the pandemic rages. Esther talks about how the coronavirus outbreak may pose one of the greatest challenges to romantic relationships in modern history.

This is Jeni Besworth’s second podcast in her new series “this is it actually“. Like us, she believes that our stories connect us. Even if you haven’t been through a divorce, we can all relate to letting go of a relationship that no longer serves us. Stay tuned for our interview with Jeni in an upcoming episode of “The New Normal.” Until then, listen to this.

And finally, take a listen to Dr Jessica O’Reilly’s podcast series, The @sex with Dr Jess Podcast where she shares tips on how to enhance your sexual life to improve the quality of your relationships.

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