All You Need Is Love


We are all energy. It is a scientifically proven fact that there is a vibration humming between all of us, and every other living thing on the planet. We may be on different wavelengths, but we are all connected.

We believe that energy is love. If you look at any negative circumstance or ideology, at its core you will find an absence of love. It’s that simple. So why is love such a struggle for us? Why do so many of us spend our lives searching for it, and when we do find it, fail to hold on to it?

Maybe it’s because we’ve been looking in all the wrong places. Maybe we’ve forgotten that love isn’t something you find, it’s something you are. As we move forward, and work toward what we hope is a shift in consciousness, perhaps the most important question to ask ourselves isn’t “what should I do?” but “how shall I be?”

Jessica and Tracy
On our channel
Tracy Ann Oberman is a brilliant actress and writer whose prolific career in both television and theatre spans over 30 years. Currently she’s a cast member on the YouTube hit series ‘Dun Breedin’. The brainchild of actress, writer, and producer Julie Graham, it stars four British actresses in their 40’s and 50’s, and is entirely shot from their homes during Covid-19. Our interview with Tracy could easily have taken hours – we had so much to discuss! She exemplifies the beauty and brilliance of women “rockin it” in their 50’s, and as she says, the freedom and power of “not giving a f#%ck” anymore about what anyone thinks! We couldn’t agree more!
Aisha Addo is the recipient of the Young Black and Gifted Award for Black Community Service. She was also named a Black Diversity Group Role Model, one of 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada, and among the 150 Black Women Making History in Toronto. Aisha’s passion is empowering black and marginalized girls to reach their full potential and become leaders in society.
What’s inspiring us
Loving’ is based on the true story of Mildred and Richard Loving; an interracial couple whose marriage in 1958 landed them in jail. Forced out of their home state of Virginia, the desire to raise their children in the place they grew up took them all the way to the Supreme Court. Beautifully performed and directed, ‘Loving’ is about how love brings us the greatest joy and the deepest pain, and if we are lucky, it is also the fuel that enables us to triumph over extraordinary odds.
‘Normal People’ is proof positive that we are in the ‘golden age of television.’ This series is exquisite. The writing, performances, and direction create an experience that is so evocative, it almost feels virtual. It perfectly captures the joy and agony of a first love, and the result is a show that is totally compelling, and slightly excruciating at the same time. Streaming on CBC and also available on Apple TV, we are four episodes in and wait breathlessly for rest of the series to be released.
This book, ‘Girl, Woman, Other’, was in our March newsletter, but we think now it’s more relevant than ever. Written by Bernardine Evaristo, co-winner of the 2019 Booker Prize, it follows the lives and struggles of 12 very different characters. Mostly women, black and British, they tell the stories of their families, friends, and lovers, across the country and through the years. This fabulous book teems with life and crackles with energy. Most of the 12 narrators are women (one identifies as non- binary) and most are black. The novel is keenly sensitive to the struggles faced by women of colour through the ages. Each character is rich enough to fill an entire book, but the author weaves their stories snugly into a vivid tapestry. We couldn’t put it down.
On the blog

In this week’s blog our ambassador Marilyn Barefoot discusses why diversity in the workplace is not only “the right thing to do” but is “critical” for your creative growth and innovation of your company.

She’s Happenings

As the wheels of the economy start to turn again, brands need to figure out where to put themselves in this new landscape. That’s why our ambassador, Joanna Track, has partnered with branding and creative experts to offer a brand exploration and refresh consulting package. This trifecta of services (brand strategy, creative and content) will get your brand back on track! Reach out to Joanna for more info at


We’re loving the ‘The Happiness Lab’ with Dr Laurie Santos. We couldn’t choose just one single episode, as they are all so great. You might think you know what it takes to lead a happier life …more money, a better job, or Instagram – worthy vacations. You’re dead wrong. Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos has studied the science of happiness and found that many of us do the exact opposite of what will truly make our lives better. Based on the psychology course she teaches at Yale (the most popular class in the university’s 300-year history) Laurie will take you through the latest scientific research and share some surprising and inspiring stories that will change the way you think about happiness.


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