The Upside Down


Some days our glass is half full. Others, half empty. 

The stages of grief fluctuate between ‘denial’ to ‘rage’ to ‘acceptance’. How can we accept what we are still struggling to understand? We worry about our physical health while struggling with our mental health.  The term ‘brain fog’ is bandied about as we try and remember what day it is, what month it is, and how long we’ve been at home.

“Are you happy?” is the question we ask ourselves. If it’s a good day the answer is, “I’m not unhappy”. We continue to self-isolate and play “bored” games with our families. We roll the dice, cross our fingers, and hope that the next card we choose says ‘get out of jail free’. Then April showers turn to May flowers and bird songs fill the air. The skies are bluer than ever, the air is cleaner, and as we’re kissed by the warm sun, Mother Nature gently whispers, “Have you learned the lesson yet?”

With love,
Jessica and Tracy
On our channel
In this week’s “The New Normal” series, we had the privilege of spending time with two fascinating women. Christine McNab is a multimedia storyteller specializing in Global Public Health. She talks to us about her latest documentary focusing on “The Year of The Nurse”, and how she had to do a quick pivot when the pandemic struck.
In our second video we had the pleasure of chatting with Jennifer Lyall, an ‘intuitive business coach’. She teaches clients how to connect with the “wisdom of their brains”. What do we mean? Watch and see 🙂
What’s inspiring us
The documentary Crip Camp, highlights the power of community. Recently released on Netflix, it tells the story of a group of teenagers who formed a powerful bond at a “hippy” summer camp for disabled youth. Finally amongst their peers, many felt “normal” for the first time. Empowered by this experience, these young people went on to forever change the laws, and the world, for disabled people.
Rita is a quirky Danish comedy available on Netflix. Originally released in 2012, it focuses on a complicated woman, whose skill as a teacher is juxtaposed with the mess she makes of her personal life. As the seasons unfold, so does Rita’s tangled history. Brilliantly portrayed by Danish actress Mille Dinesen, it’s a fun pick-me-up in your down time (or anytime).

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine is the stunning first novel by Gail Honeyman.  It’s a funny, heartbreaking and uplifting story about a quirky loner with a complex past. It feels particularly relevant right now during our universal struggle, as it reminds us of the importance of human kindness and connection.
On the blog

Finding a ‘new normal’ the second time around is different from the first. In this blog, Janet Macloed shares how a bout with cancer gave her some sweet life lessons, and a few handy tools to keep from (almost) falling apart.

She’s Happenings

The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies has just released their 3rd LCBO seasonal beer! It’s a 4% Hazy Session IPA with Grapefruit and Lime and it sounds AMAZING. It’s brewed up by local Toronto brewery, Henderson Brewing and is rollllllin’ out throughout the province. It’s in almost 100 stores now, with many more to come! Head here to find where to snag it so far.

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