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With the recent shift in consciousness, and the focus on the Black Lives Matter Movement, this years’ Pride Month has taken on a whole new meaning. No matter what your background, sexual preference, or orientation, the thing that really matters is that you take pride in yourself. How many of us actually do that? Most of us get our sense of self from others. What our parents and peers think, or even complete strangers on social media. If we are going to “celebrate and elevate” each other, we have start with ourselves. We can’t give what we don’t have. Or as the saying goes, “you can’t draw from an empty well.” So this week we encourage you to take a moment to delight in self. Celebrate everything about yourself until “your cup runneth over.” Because when we liberate ourselves, we liberate everyone else around us. We are all connected.

Jessica and Tracy
On our channel
This conversation with Nikki Rausch, aka ‘The Sales Maven’, was transformative for us. Whether you are looking to sell a product, service, or even yourself, her tips will make all the difference. From writing emails to making cold calls, Nikki understands the psychology of selling.
It was an honour this week to check back in with Miss Luna DuBois. We first had the pleasure of speaking with Luna last year for Pride, but with all that has happened since then we wanted to see how she was doing, and get her perspective. Luna shared her personal experience dealing with racism as a black drag queen, and offered advice as to how we could be part of the necessary change. We are grateful for this candid conversation, and for her friendship and advise. Please listen, and check out the links we have included to learn how you can make a difference.
What’s inspiring us
Conrack, starring John Voight, and released in 1974, is based on Pat Conroy’s autobiographical book, “The Water is Wide.” This memoir chronicles his experience working on an isolated island is South Carolina, teaching poor and illiterate black children. Carrying deep shame from his racist upbringing, ‘Conrack’ becomes almost a father figure to his students as he teaches them to take pride in themselves and find joy in learning. In a series of poignant moments that flow seamlessly together, Conrack takes you on an unforgettable journey in the way that real life based stories often do. It’s a wonderful movie, with incredible performances. And the children in the story are truly amazing. Why it didn’t become a classic, we’ll never know. The full movie can be found on YouTube.
Fun Home is the graphic novel by Alison Bechdel, the creator of the comic strip, “Dykes to Watch Out For.” It’s the true story of her struggle for self-acceptance, and the complicated relationship she had with her father. Bruce Bechdel was an English teacher in rural Pennsylvania. He also ran the town funeral home, in which the family lived, which was nicknamed the “Fun Home.” It turned out that her father was also struggling with secrets. A ground breaking best seller, it’s described as a “tragicom”, and was so popular it was turned into a hit musical.
Rebecca Makkai’s “The Great Believers” is a page-turner about illness and mortality. It chronicles the AIDS epidemic from its initial outbreak to the present — and conveys the terrors and tragedies of the epidemic’s early years, as well as its course and repercussions over the decades. This is a deeply moving novel about loss and death, love and life, that is simultaneously heart-wrenching, spirited, and hopeful. We literally didn’t want this book to end.
On the blog

Mona Andrei is a Top 100 humour blogger and author of SUPERWOMAN: A Funny and Reflective Look at Single Motherhood. Written with complete honesty, Mona admits that working on this piece that talks about racism from a white woman’s perspective made her look deep within herself. While insightful, it was also scary.


The podcast series Nancy, hosted by best friends Kathy Tu and Tobin Low, explores the fullness and beauty of what it means to be queer, in all its glory. In this episode they talk with Imara Jones, an award-winning journalist, about creating a truly inclusive Black Lives Matter movement, and getting back to the roots of Pride. A must listen to podcast on what it’s like to be black and trans in 2020.

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