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We’ve been struggling with what to write this week. Why? Because we’re feeling lazy. It’s July, it’s steaming hot, and everything is slowing down. But maybe that’s a good thing! The last four months have been pretty intense, and maybe it’s just time to take a deep breath and enjoy the hot, hazy days of summer. So for the next two months we will be doing just that. We’ll be reducing our content to half, which means one newsletter a month. If you are able, we encourage you to slow down too. September will come soon enough and we’ll return “back to life, back to reality”, so for now we are going to share things to help you zone out, slow down, and take it easy.

Jessica and Tracy
Meet our new ambassador
We are honoured to announce our new ambassador, Aisha Addo. We had the pleasure of interviewing Aisha in March of 2019 and we reached out again recently to get her views on the Black Lives Matter protests. To see that interview you can click here. We are always grateful for her insights and as she said herself, she is part of the ‘She’s on Top’ family.
On our channel
Recently our ambassador Marilyn Barefoot wrote an article talking about how diversifying your workplace is essential for creativity. It got such a great response that we wanted to learn more.
Coping with mental health issues during Covid19 has been called, “The Shadow Pandemic”.   Today we talk about how we have been affected, our struggles, and how we are coping. It’s an important and ongoing conversation we plan to have. We want to encourage everyone to speak up and ask for help. We’d love to hear from you and any coping strategies you have developed. 
What’s inspiring us
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, is the perfect movie if you’re craving something light-hearted. Starring Will Farrell and Rachel McAdams, it’s the (not-at-all-true) story of two Icelanders who hilariously enter the Eurovision song contest. Their saga plucks them from the small fishing village of Húsavík, and takes them on a boisterous romp to the world’s greatest stage in Edinburgh, Scotland. And while the story is fiction, the Eurovision contest is a very real thing, and is parodied here in all it’s dazzling glory. Funny, uplifting, and visually stunning, it’s a super-fantastic movie for anyone that is a fan of comedy, travel, singing, and love.
Apeirogon by Colum McCann, is a stunning new novel about two men united by grief. Based on a true-life friendship, this story is of two fathers who each lost a young daughter to brutal killings in the Middle East. 

The title is taken from the mathematical term for an object of an “observably infinite number of sides”, a shape that serves as a model for a new way of thinking about a conflict that is too often reduced to simple, opposed positions. 

This is a story of love, loss, discord and resilience. The conflict in these character’s worlds colours every action of their daily lives, and every move they must negotiate. The bond between these two men is a thing of great and sustaining beauty, and the story of their friendship will lift your heart.


Described as “one of the most soothing voices in podcasting,” Phoebe Judge’s podcast Phoebe Reads A Mystery is delectable summer listening. Listen to her read a deliciously distracting Agatha Christie novel that feels like it’s part podcast, part audiobook. “One thing that’s been making me feel a little more at ease has been reading fiction,” she explains in the first episode. “I started reading Agatha Christie’s first published novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles and I thought, maybe I could read it to you. A chapter a day until we get to the end. No ads, just a good mystery.” We agree!

She’s Happenings
If you are a parent with young atheletes and sports fans at home you will want to join Seanna Thomas’s fun new Facebook group, which is all about nutrition and preparing them for the inevitable return to sports! Click here to join!

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