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We love autumn. After the long, hot, and lazy days of August, the cool crisp days of September and October infuse us with energy. Running groups suddenly appear on our streets, soccer and ultimate teams gather in the park after work, and all of us (it seems) are being beckoned outside to play. The idea of play is a theme that has come up repeatedly when we talk with the wise women that are the subjects of some of our most inspiring interviews. Those who have faced the most dire of circumstances are those who promote the need to play most fiercely. Play is also the gateway to the most highly creative parts of our minds; the same part that got locked away when we became rule-bound grown-ups. So this week we are sharing stories and ideas that invite you to take life less seriously, and remind you of what is important, as well as one of the best ways to stay connected. So the next time you write your to-do list, we suggest you add the word ‘play’, and underline it.

Jessica and Tracy
On our channel
How important is play to our health and well-being? How can you turn your life around? It is our honour and pleasure to share the story of Ally Johnson. Ally is an inspiration to anyone who has had to face enormous health challenges. At the age of 16 she was hit by a car, and was informed that all her dreams were over. Ally had dreamt of being an all-star athlete and was told she would never compete again. Initially devastated and depressed, it took a few years before she started to challenge what she had been told, and today her life has turned around completely.
We are thrilled when we get any opportunity to collaborate with the members of our community. This week it was with fellow YouTubers, Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer, the Co-Founders of Naturally Savvy and Morphus. After appearing on our show they also interviewed us for their channel. You can watch that interview here.
What’s inspiring us
This is the incredible and true story of Craig Foster. Disillusioned with life, and having lost his passion for his work as a filmmaker, Craig was lost. He decided to return to his childhood home in South Africa on the edge of the sea. There, he began diving in the kelp forest off the shores and developed an unlikely friendship with a female octopus. The extraordinary friendship lead to a spiritual awakening for Craig, which he wholly credits to his ‘Octopus Teacher.’ In this profoundly beautiful adventure, Craig’s Octopus teacher, becomes our Octopus teacher.
On the blog
This week we reached out to two members of our community who are both passionate about play. We asked each of them to share why they feel it is so important.
Janet Omstead has had three near-death experiences, which have inspired in her a passion for life, health, fitness and most of all the power of play. In this blog, she talks about the current struggles we are all facing with our mental health and the scientific evidence around how exercise can make a dramatic difference.
Marilyn Barefoot always loved to colour and draw as a child but was encouraged by her parents to pursue a more stable and secure career path. Years later she discovered that this playful passion was something that is universal in children, and connecting with it later in life is the way for individuals, and for companies, to unlock their greatest potential. In this blog she explains why we need to incorporate play into our every day lives both at work and at home; which these days may be the same place.
Simon Sinek is a self proclaimed optimist and a modern day philosopher. His Ted Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”, is one of the most watched Ted Talks of all time with over 51 million views. This summer he launched a podcast focused on what we all need right now, “a bit of Optimism.”
She’s Happenings
Do you dream of doing exciting stuff that is outside of your comfort zone? Are you looking for an escape to busy your mind with something other than being an entrepreneur?  

Our ambassador Libby Wildman has partnered with renowned Chef Owen Steinberg, founder of JOV Bistro and Harvest Kitchen. If you think you are good at cooking, and want to put it to the test this is the event for you! Get coached, get ready and let’s see who Wins! 6 lucky people will be invited to register for a special Retreat in November, somewhere in Ontario. East Coast and West Coast are planned for 2021. For details, you can email Libby at You could be one of the first-ever BlackBox Participants and be pampered at a beautiful getaway spot to be revealed.

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