You’ve Been Schooled.


Kids go back to school this week, and it’s pretty clear that in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is presenting some problems. But what if this also presents a gift? What if, in an effort to keep our children safe, we’ve uncovered another critical problem; that our antiquated education system no longer works.

It no longer works with the way we work, so currently it is robbing us of valuable female entrepreneurs who are forced to put their careers on hold while they stay home to educate their kids. It doesn’t work for the kids either. In part, it is an antiquated model designed in the early 1900’s to train children to endure monotony and observe routines in order to become good factory workers. This rigid system cheats its students of the potential to thrive and become entrepreneurs in their own right.

Today, more than ever, we need innovators to help solve the world’s problems: people who are rewarded for thinking outside the box. Today we celebrate the free thinkers, the disrupters, and the women who are working to change the system and maybe just save the world.

Jessica and Tracy
On our channel
These days, educating their children safely is just one of many challenges women are facing. If you are feeling more overwhelmed and anxious you are not alone. Today we are taking a personal look at panic attacks. What do they feel like? What causes them? And the good news, how you can recover?
What’s inspiring us
This is the most watched Ted Talk ever. Sir Ken Robinson uses humour, as well as some amazing anecdotes, to show how our current education system is preventing us from being creative, and how it’s a recipe for disaster. 
Perhaps if we want to change the education system we should hear from those who are in it. In this video, 13-year old Logan asks the question, “Why aren’t we learning how to be healthy and happy?” He suggests “Hack School” is the answer.
We are so excited to see that Netflix has just released a new season of the hit Danish series, Rita. Rita is a teacher like none other. Loved by her students for her frank no nonsense approach to teaching. Her ability to connect with her young students has a shadow side which is her failure to launch into being a mature adult. It’s a funny and poignant series about life, love and the struggle for intimacy in relationships.
On the blog
As things rev up again,  we can feel excited and overwhelmed at the same time. With the threat of a second wave, the endless debate as to how to keep our kids safe, and no end in sight, it might be easy to become pessimistic. In this blog our ambassador Zoe Share flips those thoughts upside down and offers a refreshingly optimistic point of view.
This week one of our favourite Podcasters, Dr. Meghan Walker, interviews a fascinating serial entrepreneur and visionary, Heidi Decoux. Heidi has built and sold several businesses, and today she is focused on creating an education system that empowers everyone to do this. A system that teaches practical skills like financial management, and how to set up a business, and buy a house. A system that also supports free thinking to create the innovation we need to solve today’s problems, and those of the future. It’s a fascinating look at reworking our education system from the ground up so it works for everyone, including parents.
She’s Happenings
The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies are gearing up to launch their 2nd ‘Beer Squad Mystery Box’: a carefully curated box chalked full of beers, ciders, meads, cocktails and amazing local products! Since the pandemic hit, all of their dynamic events were forced to take a back seat so owners Jaime & Erica got creative. Mark your calendar for the box launch date at September 15th at 10am. FYI: The 1st boxes sold out last month in 1 hour! A portion of every box sold also supports Black Women in Motion: an important Toronto organization mentoring and assisting black women in Toronto.
Final Note  
This week we leave you with an oldie but a goodie. If you grew up in the 70’s, you grew up with School House Rock. ‘Conjunction Junction’ was probably the one we all can sing by heart. If it doesn’t ring a bell, listen to the song, and you’ll be hookin’ up words and phrases all day long☺

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