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When it comes to what scares us these days, we have an abundance of riches to choose from. Normally we don’t delve into politics, but with the upcoming election on November 3rd, Halloween has some serious competition for the scariest night of the year. With a country divided, as far as candidates go, one person’s trick is another’s treat. That is why, on this day of Friday, October 30th, the day before the TWO scariest nights of the year, we want to offer you hope, inspiration, perspective, and recommendations for some good old-fashioned spooky fun!

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Stephanie McLarty is the newest member of the She’s On Top community, and she brings a wealth of experience (pun intended) with her. An award winning entrepreneur, she is the founder of REfficient, a company that finds ways to reuse and recycle product from the telecom sector. Stephanie grew this homegrown business into a company with over a million dollars in sales, in under three years. Now she is paying it forward with her latest venture, “Wealth of A Family”, where she teaches other mums how to start their own business.
Have you ever suffered a health crisis? How would you respond? How would your life be changed? Hopefully you’ll never need to answer these questions, but today’s guest wasn’t so lucky. Margot Daley was an executive producer in lifestyle television, but that all turned upside down when she suffered a stroke at age 45. After leaving her job and taking a year to recover, she had time to think about what she really wanted. Today she is building a thriving new business as a photographer and a videographer focused on amazing women entrepreneurs and changemakers like herself.
What’s inspiring us
Pete Souza was the official White House photographer for both Ronald Regan and Barrack Obama. His experience with both presidents taught him to have great respect for the office. In this moving documentary, The Way I See It, told through Pete’s incredible images and footage, we come to understand why he was compelled to speak out against the current president. Using his photo images from the Obama administration, Pete illustrates the stark contrast compared to the Trump Presidency; as well as Trump’s blatant disregard for the honour and integrity demanded of the “most powerful person on earth.”
If any Hollywood executive dared to imply that a woman could not carry a film, they are swallowing their words right now. In the new Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit, based on the novel of the same name, the remarkable Anna Taylor Joy’s portrayal of chess savant Beth Harmon is exquisite. If you’re looking for a tale of overcoming sexual harassments and stereotypes, this isn’t it. In this series, Beth is every man’s equal (if not superior) and they treat her as such, often with reverence. In fact, the only demons she has to overcome are her own. Set in the 50’s and 60’s, The Queen’s Gambit is gorgeous and binge-worthy, so take your time, as each episode will leave you breathless.
If you are looking for spooky fun, this treat of a movie will definitely do the trick. American Werewolf In London, is an 80’s classic. With an amazing soundtrack, it could claim to be the original “dark comedy.”
Nina Schick is an author and broadcaster specializing in the way technology and artificial intelligence are reshaping society. She has worked on the frontline of major global events including Brexit, the EU’s migrant crisis, election interference, and the evolution of disinformation and information warfare. We cannot recommend enough her conversation with Sam Harris on his podcast Making Sense. After listening to this eye-opening podcast we’ll also be reading Nina’s new book Deepfakes: The Coming Infocalypse. In this book she explores the corrosion of our information ecosystem, how AI is exacerbating it, and our need to protect ourselves.
She’s Happenings
P.O.P! (aka a Purple Oat Pale) is the latest small batch collaboration release from The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. Brewed up over at Junction Brewery, this Oat Pale Ale clocks in at an easy 4.2% and uses Peaflower powder to give it a majestic purple hue. Don’t worry – it doesn’t change the aroma or flavour of the beer. Appearance only!

Try P.O.P! today: tall cans are NOW available in-person at the Junction bottle shop, online for same day home delivery AND through us at (they ship across the province).

And of COURSE, they’re drinkin’ for a cause. 25 cents from every can directly supports the Canadian Women’s Foundation.
Membership Matters
Do you want to know the THREE THINGS YOU NEED TO DO TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS? Check out this amazing opportunity from She’s On Top member, Stephanie McLarty.

Stephanie is sharing her know-how in a fantastic new course, The RElaunch – Building A Thriving New Business You Love. Stephanie is a brand-building expert who took her company to over a million in sales in under 3 years. She’s On Top Members get $50.00 OFF when they sign up or refer someone. The code can be found in the last Members email and in the Members FB group. Registration ends November 1, 2020.

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