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As the days become shorter, the nights grow longer, and the temperatures turn colder, it’s a perfect storm for our mood to become darker. That’s why this week we’re looking on the lighter side of life. We’re sharing our favourite mood lifters, or hopefully mood stabilizers, at the very least. Since Covid hit there has been a trend for people to watch reruns on TV, especially those with a predictably positive outcome. Though our newsletter content won’t be a rerun, or even predictable, there’s no need to worry about positivity. We promise you on this Friday the 13th, it’s all good.

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Jessica and Tracy
On our channel
How do you not do what’s expected of you? How important is it to be your authentic self? Can you start a new career later in life? Today we had the rare pleasure of interviewing a hilarious female stand-up comedian. Lynn Ruth Miller is funny, provocative, cutting edge and … 86! In our chat with Lynn she talks about starting a career in her 70’s, and how things began to take off once she found her authentic voice. We can confirm that she is one of a kind. A funny, inspiring woman with whom we wish we could have spent more time.
By any standard, Rachel Kelly is a success story. Before her 30th birthday she had already climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, and been featured in Forbes. She has also faced a number of obstacles, including her recent venture, the co-working space for women, “Make Lemonade.” In this candid interview Rachel talks about how, due to the pandemic, she had to pivot her business to the online world, and how she has experienced anxiety for the very first time. We learn the importance of community, and why it’s essential for a successful business. Success is not a fixed destination. Success is a journey, and we are grateful for conversations like these that remind us of the joys and struggles that come with it.
What’s inspiring us
A Life On Our Planet is the amazing new documentary profiling natural historian David Attenborough. The first half of this film may have you questioning the opening of our newsletter, and wondering what we were talking about, but stick with it, the ending is hopeful. It’s an autobiographical film spanning Attenborough’s incredible 70-year career. The changes he has seen are both heartbreaking and remarkable. A story shared in beautiful moments caught with stunning cinematography. A career dedicated to the preservation of our natural world, this film is his love letter to the planet as he passes the baton to the next generation. Now, it’s up to us not to drop it.
There’s something about the way Sofia Coppola creates her films that makes you want them to go on forever. On The Rocks is no exception. Set in New York and beautifully shot, it stars Rashida Jones as a young wife who is having anxiety about the possibility of her husband’s infidelity. Bill Murray plays her philandering father who throws gas on the fire, and then insists that they become amateur detectives and follow her husband around town. It’s a wonderful portrayal about a complicated father-daughter relationship that, at it’s core, is a love story.
Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens is a mesmerizing story. This gorgeous debut novel is at once a murder mystery, a coming-of-age narrative, and a celebration of nature. In this book, Owens surveys the desolate marshlands of the North Carolina coast through the eyes of an abandoned child, and in her isolation that child makes us open our own eyes to the secret wonders and dangers of her private world. This novel topped the New York Times best- seller list in 2019 and 2020, and when you read it you’ll understand why.
This is our second time sharing a podcast from one of our favourites, Jeni B. In this episode of ‘This Is It Actually’, Jeni talks about the ups and downs of dating and invites some friends to share their stories. And guess what? One of us is in it! Which one? You’ll have to listen and find out. Here are some highlights from our story: Greece, Woody Harrelson and Johnny Carson. Have we caught your interest yet?
Membership Matters
We have two new members! Tory Wright is CEO of Paper E. Clips, and more recently Halfpenny Postage. Tory is a serial entrepreneur who launched her wholesale greeting card and gift company over 30 years ago. Her products can be found in finer paper stores all across Canada as well as in Indigo. In addition to her wholesale company she’s opened a retail store and her latest venture is Halfpenny Postage, a “design studio and greeting card publisher with kindness and humour at its’ core.” We are so thrilled with the value she brings to our community. Stay tuned for her full story in an upcoming video.

We are also excited to welcome Julie Cole the Co-Founder of Mabel’s Labels. Mabel’s Labels is the best-known brand of durable labels for families and has a growing line of products featuring baby labels, child safety products, sports labels, household organizational labels and seasonal items. Julie also has a personal brand as a working Mom of six kids, one of which has autism. A brilliant mother and entrepreneur she is the author of the popular blog, the Mablehood, as well as being a sought after speaker across North America. For more on Julie you can watch our video here.
The Art of Performance
Want to stop the relentless “doing” and learn the secret and success that can come with mastering “being”? This is a fantastic new course we are offering in early January. Taught to Fortune 500 companies around the world facilitator, Navin Pillay, has generously offered to do a special session over zoom, from his home in Berlin, over two weekends in January. Having taken the course before we can guarantee it’s transformative. Details on the special preview will be shared in the members group. There are a limited number of spots so we will offer it first to our Members and then open it up to the She’s On Top community.
She’s Happenings
The Bullet will be publishing some amazing seasonal and topical content from now through the end of December. If you are a brand or work with one looking to get exposure to their loyal community of 30k+ readers, this is a great opportunity! You can find their rate card here.
One of our brand ambassadors Zoe Share, has an exciting new venture-  The Brand Voice– a podcast is in production, as well as a new publication to be released in 2021. If you’re interested in being a contributor, she’d love to hear from you

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