A Life Well Lived


2020 has been a year like no other. It’s been a year of loss and a year of taking stock. Many of us have taken a long hard look at our lives. Forced indoors and stripped away of our happy distractions, we’ve been left alone with, well, frankly ourselves. No movies, no elegant dinners, no live concerts, and worst of all, no jetting off to exotic lands. This has left us asking questions. Who am I? Is this the life I want? What would I change? Some of us have moved, some have left our professions, and many of us have lost our jobs. As a world we have woken up to the poor state of our mental health. So what’s the upside? Well, what if 2021 is the year we start building a life well lived? A life of meaning and purpose, that we alone define. What would that look like? Anything is possible. Let’s begin.

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Jessica and Tracy
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Are you an expert at closing the deal? Do sales scare you? Do you need a CRM tool? How important is it to have a personal brand? Want some great tips on how to improve your selling techniques and uplift your brand? These are just some of the topics we covered in our discussion with sales and marketing expert Fatima Zaidi.
Do you need a business coach? If so, what should you expect from one? And what are the most common struggles that entrepreneurs face in their business? For answers to all of these questions we spoke with Renée Warren, an award-winning entrepreneur, seven-figure business starter, author, and sought after speaker. Renée is also the founder of ‘We Wild Women’, a business dedicated to helping women launch their dream business, and the host of the ‘Into The Wild’ Podcast. Her advice is funny, insightful and highly relatable because it’s full of examples from her own journey.
What’s inspiring us
Recently the world collectively mourned the passing of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  This documentary is a playful yet poignant look at ‘The Notorious RBG’ aka the octogenarian pop culture idol of our times. The film captures the essence of this figure, who is beloved, revered, and sometimes endearingly comical. Watching it now feels like a fitting and feel-good farewell to the hero and women’s rights icon we admired so much.
All of our members inspire us in different ways and Jennifer Lyall is no exception. She recently launched this beautiful new book, A Beginners Guide To The Soul. We benefit in our group every day from her teachings and intuition, and lately from her guided Monday morning meditations. We are so grateful to be able to share her wisdom, uplifting energy, and insights. She reminds us daily that we hold all the answers if we just learn to listen.
Let’s end 2020 on a happy note! And what better to bid farewell to this wild train wreck of a year than with some advice on having a joyful celebration. Lets celebrate, as best we can, in spite of the crazy circumstances. Dr. Lori Santos has gathered together her team of happiness experts to give us their take on how to keep the “ho ho ho” during a time of “oh no no!”
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