An Open Letter to Entrepreneurs

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Being in business as an entrepreneur is hard. Not to mention ‘living the dream’ during a global pandemic!

Sometimes we feel like giving up. Often we feel like no one really understands us — even those closest to us don’t get why exactly we’ve chosen the path we have, or why we continue to pursue it.

Don’t get me wrong, we love our business passionately, we believe in its mission, and on good days, we can’t believe that this gets to be our life.

But on bad days, we can’t believe that this swirling s*#t show of unthinkable chaos is our actual life.

For me, I sincerely believe I entered this world as an entrepreneur. For as long as I can remember, I have been walking into stores and/or looking at products and thinking of a better, different, or new way of going to market.

My brain is constantly on whip when it comes to new ideas.

Except perhaps when it comes to my own business. I struggle with having perspective when it’s mine!

Enter @RebekahMiskin!

I first met Rebekah for coffee in January of this year. She had come highly recommended as someone with huge brains, creativity, and passion. COVID 19 had not yet been spoken of in
North America. Even so, I knew enough to know I needed help with my business.

Before I had taken a sip of my overpriced latte, she had her Mac fired up, and was taking me through a gorgeous presentation pointing out everything my business could be! I hired her immediately.

During one of our first conversations after the coffee meeting, she remarked ‘You know Marilyn, I have to tell you I hate the foot logo!!’ It felt like being told you had an ugly kid!!! I did my best to keep it together as she explained why.

  • It was too obvious and kitschy… I deserved better than that.
  • It was tired and outdated.
  • The business does so much more than brainstorming that it sells me short.

And so the journey of the rebrand (kicking the foot to the curb) began.

Why I Ditched the Foot

I am sharing my story with you because no one understands this rollercoaster entrepreneurial life better than other entrepreneurs.

Throughout my journey to rebrand the business, I was strongly supported by 2 incredible entrepreneurs; @rebekahMiskin and @JillSouthern.

Fallout from the pandemic has hit entrepreneurs everywhere. Now more than ever, we need to rally together, raise each other up, and create more authentic connections.

During this particularly difficult time, I urge you to surround yourself with people who genuinely care about you and your business. And in return, offer to be that support for others.

If I can help, never hesitate to reach out!

Yes. It is true. We are scrappy, resourceful, and smart, with the drive to push forward into the unknown with fresh hope, bright eyes, and confidence. But, we are also human beings who need emotional connection, honesty, and support.

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