dare to compare

dare to compare

Last year was one of stark contrasts. Endless comparisons were drawn; how one country dealt with the pandemic vs another, how female leaders faired vs their male counterparts. It was impossible not to compare lifestyles when seeing how various levels of society were affected. When you look around do you compare yourself to those who have more or less? Do you cultivate an attitude of gratitude, finding peace in the present moment or do you strive to excel? When you compare the two, which do you think is better?

With gratitude,

Jessica and Tracy
Do you have a newsletter or are thinking about creating one? Are you curious about what a good newsletter looks like and how effective it can be for promoting your brand? Then you’ll want to listen to this weeks podcast with our friend and email marketing guru Joanna Track. As the Executive Publisher of The Bullet and Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of Newsworthy, Joanna knows firsthand how to create content that entertains, informs, and cuts through the noise. She gives us a step-by-step guide of how to create
the perfect newsletter, how much you should pay to get subscribers, and best practices to keep your audience engaged and subscribed.
We are huge fans of our friend Jeni b and her podcast, this it it actually. This week she is talking about something we love; the impact someone can have on your life. Whether it’s a kind gesture, a work opportunity or just someone who believes in you, the ripple effects can last decades. She talks about four people who made a lasting impression on her and then allows them to pay it forward by sharing someone who made an impact on them. Can you guess who one of her guests was?
Martha – A picture story, documents the life of Martha Cooper, a female pioneer in the world of photography. In the 1970’s she became fascinated with the graffiti movement in New York and dedicated herself to documenting both the art and the artists themselves. She even managed to get a book published but her work went mostly unnoticed. Decades later she discovered that she is now considered an icon in the global art movement and her work has influenced a generation. It’s a great documentary to watch as we continue to find new definitions for what it means to have a successful life.
The Bright Side, is the debut novel by Catherine Bradbury, a Toronto-based journalist and editor. It’s a completely compelling anecdote of one of those hellish years that most of us have experienced, even before Covid. In one year her beloved parents died, her twenty-five-year-old marriage limped to an end, her heavily mortgaged house turned against her, and a promising new romance ended in crushing disappointment. Yet as the title indicates, through all of it she still managed to find a “bright side.” Funny, smart, heart-breaking and completely relatable, we couldn’t put it down.

member highlight

One of our SOT members has been eaten by a dragon! Joanna Track, founder of The Bullet and Newsworthy Co. Inc., has joined forces with Arlene Dickinson. Last week they announced that both of Joanna’s companies have been acquired by Arlene Dickinson.

Arlene’s group of companies will expand its capabilities with the development of a new and exciting digital media platform for Canadians interested in living well. Joanna Track will be overseeing the media group with the support of her existing Bullet and Newsworthy team. But it will be business as usual at The Bullet so you’ll still get your daily dose of news!
Kerry Fleiser started kif marketing solutions inc., after a 20 year career in corporate marketing for major brands such as Nike, BMW and RBC.

Kif is where relationship advice and marketing counsel collide. Through CARMA (Client Agency Relationship Management), Kerry helps marketers strengthen their relationships with agency partners and run more efficient RFPs, while also helping agencies better position themselves to retain and win new business.
If you are a woman entrepreneur looking to grow your business, we’d love to help you. Through our membership platform we offer multiple ways to make key connections that can elevate your business. Our private membership group enables you to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs that are invested in your success and looking for opportunities to collaborate. We also offer free workshops from industry experts and other opportunities to connect and grow. We know you have a unique value and a story worth telling. We’d love to learn more about you.

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