forward thinking

forward thinking

This weekend we move our clocks forward an hour. The timing feels right. The light at the end of our day feels like the light that we’ve been waiting for at the end of a long dark tunnel. How will we emerge into this light? We’ve all seen those videos of animals released from long stays in captivity. The doors to their cages are flung open yet they remain inside. First they sniff the air, then one paw is extended as the feel the foreign new ground under their feet, and then ever so slowly they emerge. There are also those who leap from captivity and bound forward, rejoicing in their new freedom. Which will you be?

With gratitude,
Jessica and Tracy
According to today’s guest, the Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt, we are all born limitless. Tracy is a decorated athlete in skiing, world cup sailing, and mountain climbing. She is a motivational speaker, an international humanitarian, and a global consultant to companies like Air Canada and Uber. Those would be incredible achievements for any woman but Tracy was born a four-way amputee. She is living proof that the key to being unstoppable is perseverance, which means you fail, you start again, you adapt, and eventually you will figure it out. This is a conversation you're going to want to hear because it might serve as the motivation you needed today to take that next step in your life.
Before there was J.K Rowling, there was Beatrix Potter. Born into wealth in the early 1900s meant a fairly isolated upbringing for a young girl. Beatrix relied on her imagination and love of drawing to create a rich world full of friends. Eventually that translated into a rich life in more ways than one. Beatrix Potter wore many hats throughout her life from writer, illustrator, to award winning farmer and conservationist. Through her Trust she managed to save and conserve one of the most beautiful parts of Britain known as the Lake District. Miss Potter is a beautiful and inspirational story about the many chapters we can have in our lives.
The Soul of A Woman is a wise, warm, defiant new book from literary legend Isabel Allende. The book has been described as “a bold exploration of womanhood, feminism, parenting, aging, love and more”. It is a passionate and inspiring meditation on what it means to be a woman and we can’t put it down.
We’re also loving Truth Be Told by Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Beverley McLachlin. This book offers an intimate and revealing look at her life from her childhood in the Alberta foothills to her career on the Supreme Court, where she helped to shape the social and moral fabric of the country. A must read during International Women’s month, from a Canadian icon who was the first woman to hold this position.

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Zoe Share is one of our founding members. She brings an energy and enthusiasm to our community that is invaluable. She is the CEO of Schmooz Media “a social marketing agency that focuses on helping brands embody their values and value in every piece of digital content produced.” Zoe is the author of a children’s book, ABC Stay Home with Me, and in everything she does, aims to continue moving the needle on profitable and purposeful content production within heart-centred brands.
When it comes to the success of your business, who knows best? Maybe you do. But how do you tap into that inner knowing? That’s where Jennifer Lyall can help.

“I help ambitious female entrepreneurs who are losing control with too many ideas and too much to juggle, to get centred and focused. They learn to master their energy and intuition so they can up-level their impact and income, while doing what makes their heart sing.”
If you are a woman entrepreneur looking to grow your business, we’d love to help you. Through our membership platform we offer multiple ways to make key connections that can elevate your business. Our private membership group enables you to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs that are invested in your success and looking for opportunities to collaborate. We also offer free workshops from industry experts and other opportunities to connect and grow. We know you have a unique value and a story worth telling. We’d love to learn more about you.

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