is ignorance bliss?

is ignorance bliss?

Overwhelm is a common topic of conversation these days. Trying to manage everyday life in the midst of a pandemic can certainly leave you exhausted and feeling spent. We all need to find balance and take time to unplug from the news of the world. That’s why we are so grateful to the storytellers who find ways to inspire, educate and entertain us at the same time. Because contrary to the popular saying, what you don’t know, can hurt you.

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how to cultivate self-love and tap into your inner
self-confidence with Raia ‘Coach’ Carey

Is self-love something you can cultivate or are you born with it? What is self-talk and how does that affect the people around you? In this podcast we chat with Raia ‘Coach’ Carey. Raia is a certified life coach and motivational speaker who is having an incredible impact. Her goal is to equip people with tangible tools they can use to steer themselves towards self-awareness, resilience, and sustainable success. In this enlightening interview, Raia talks with us about self love, body shaming, confidence and the importance of authenticity. Most importantly, she helps us tap into the self-confidence we didn’t know we had.
This Oscar winning short film will break your heart. Based on thousands of true stories, The Silent Child, addresses the needless struggles of integrating deaf children into a hearing society. It is the stunning debut of Maisie Sly who plays the little deaf girl and is herself deaf. It also stars and was written by, Rachel Shenton. It’s a subject near and dear to her heart. Her father was profoundly deaf, which inspired her to learn sign language and become involved with the deaf community.
This two part documentary series follows Judi Dench into the jungles of Borneo, where she encounters, snakes, orangutans, elephants and a whole host of insects, including cicadas and dung beetles. We learn how these insects, animals, trees and plant life are saving the planet, and us, if we could just learn to leave them alone.
Julian Fellows, the writer and creator of Downton Abbey, has just released a new mini-series and it’s fantastic! Belgravia is a multi- layered tail of mystery and intrigue, love and loss and is full of rich female characters. The whole story is carried along by wonderful performances by the two leads, veteran actors, Tamsin Grieg and Harriet Walter.
We’re looking forward to reading Gutter Child. It is the debut novel of Canadian author Jael Richardson. Set in an imagined world in which the most vulnerable are forced to buy their freedom by working off their debt to society, the novel uncovers a nation divided into the privileged Mainland and the policed Gutter. It is about one young woman’s journey through a fractured world of heartbreaking disadvantages and shocking injustices and how she finds the strength within herself to forge her future and defy a system that tries to shape her destiny.

member highlight

Stephanie is founder & CEO of REfficient, which provides a reuse and recycling marketplace and services in the telecom sector. REfficient has been a certified b corp since 2012, meaning the company is for profit and for good, and was named six times to the “Best for the World” list for the company’s positive environmental impact. in the last few years, REfficient has ensured 150,000+ items were diverted from landfill annually and into productive reuse.
As a play expert, author, and executive health coach Janet Omstead takes a different wellness approach. With over 20 years in the health and wellness industry, she knows how to coach your employees towards developing “deep health” skills through an individualized approach to habit-based behaviours. Janet believes health and wellness outcomes need to be long-lasting, supportive and fun!
If you are a woman entrepreneur looking to grow your business, we’d love to help you. Through our membership platform we offer multiple ways to make key connections that can elevate your business. Our private membership group enables you to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs that are invested in your success and looking for opportunities to collaborate. We also offer free workshops from industry experts and other opportunities to connect and grow. We know you have a unique value and a story worth telling. We’d love to learn more about you.

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