A bird in the hand

The other day I was driving home on the small Island where I live,  just off the coast of Vancouver. I noticed a small bird who seemed to be perched in the middle of the road. Assuming it would fly off, I drove up slowly, but it didn’t move. I pulled over and got out of my car to examine the tiny creature. When I reached out ‘she’ began hopping around, but it was clear she couldn’t fly. Gently, I  picked her up and carried her back to my car. As I drove the rest of the way home I could feel her tiny heart beating in my hand. 

When I got home I found an old cardboard box and carefully  placed her inside with bread crumbles, water, and some branches. Over the next hour I checked on her a few more times and the final time I reached in and stroked her head, only to have her wake up from what I assume was shock, and fly off. 

I felt relieved and grateful. It seemed a clear reminder that in these times when we are all suffering from a collective trauma and personal setbacks, we do not have to become virtual roadkill.  With a little kindness, patience, and rest, we can all look forward to spreading our wings once again.

Written by Jessica Wright

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