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the mission of She's on Top is to connect, elevate and celebrate women of all ages and from all walks of life. from musicians, leaders in tech, actors, comedians, athletes to women-led businesses, they share their stories, believing that what we see in another may inspire us. what are their struggles? what gives them the most joy? how do we even define success and what does it look like? the show is a combination of great information on how to succeed in business to a thoughtful and often humorous take on what it means to be a woman in today's world.

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S02 E09. Why the World Is Not Designed for Women and What We Can Do To Change It with Dr. Carin Bondar

She is a Canadian biologist, writer, filmmaker and speaker. She is also the visionary behind, "STEM Angels", a registered charity that supports women continuing in the science and technology sector of higher academia.

February 24th, 2022

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S02 E08. You’re Networking All Wrong and How To Get It Right with Networking Expert J.Kelly Hoey

J.Kelly Hoey transformed her career through networking and in the process became an expert on the subject.

February 3rd, 2022

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S02 E07. Why We Need More Women In The Music Industry And How To Achieve It with Aloe Blacc

It’s our first podcast of 2022 and we are celebrating it with our first male podcast guest, Aloe Blacc. Aloe is a Grammy nominated musician, singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and philanthropist.

January 13th, 2022

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S02 E06. How To Conquer Your Hidden Prejudices And Support The Movement For Change with Dana Hill, aka Mama Doll, the Founder of The Black Doll Affair

Today we’re chatting with Dana Hill, the founder of The Black Doll Affair.

The Black Doll Affair is a philanthropic organization and self-esteem movement for black girls and women to re-establish their self-esteem, self-image and worth in a society where black women are all too often the lowest on the totem pole.

December 2nd, 2021

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S02 E05. Rockstar, Tech Wiz and 5x Founder Indiana Gregg - On Harnessing our Power & Manifesting our Dreams

Today we are sharing our conversation with Indiana (Indy) Greg who is a 5x founder and creative visionary, about her life and latest passion project, a new online platform called Wedo. In a career spanning over 20 years, Indy has led teams in the tech, fintech, real estate, fashion, music and cosmetic industries, and consulted show-stopping brands like LVMH, IKEA and Sony to name just a few. And she's also a rockstar (yes a real rockstar), who did it all while raising three children as a single mom. 

November 11th, 2021

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S02 E04: Building A Business That Spans Decades - The Benefits and Secret Sauce with Tory Wright

Today we are speaking with someone near and dear to Jessica’s heart, her sister Tory. Jessica comes from a family of female entrepreneurs. Her mother opened a highly successful paper store in Yorkville in the 70’s called The Papery, which went on to be franchised in Ottawa and Victoria, BC. 

October 28th, 2021

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S02 E03: Behavioral Economics: What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You, with Melina Palmer

Did you know that 99% of decisions are made by the subconscious brain?  And that changing a key word or phrase can have a huge effect on your bottom line. It’s actually a science and there’s a name for it, “Behavioural Economics.” 

October 14th, 2021

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S02 E02: The Power We All Have To Dramatically Change The Lives Of Others with Amanda Clark and Kym Hannah

Amanda Clark and Kym Hannah are two incredible women who have changed the face of adoption. They are the founders of TEAMworks which is a non profit foundation that seeks to improve and enhance the lives of special needs children locally and internationally. 

September 30th, 2021

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S02 E01: Harnessing The Superpower Of Your Hormones For Better Business Results with Dr Ashley Margeson, ND

There is a lot of discussion these days around hormones and most of it is negative.  We’re told how to “deal” with our hormones. How our hormones are causing mood swings. How our changing hormones are the source of a lot of misery and discomfort. But what if your hormones were actually your superpower? What if working with your hormones could lead to better success in your career or business?

In this podcast we chat with Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND. who is a  naturopathic doctor, an entrepreneur and also has her own weekly podcast called the Superwoman Code. Dr. Margeson will have you looking at your hormones in a whole new way. She feels that if you come to understand how they actually work, you will realize they are your own superpower, and the key to you becoming the person you were always meant to be.

September 16th, 2021

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#11. She's on Top - Our Story

This is our last podcast of Season One and we’d like to start by thanking you. We are so grateful for all our loyal listeners and the positive feedback we’ve received. Please keep sending us your comments and suggestions so we can make this podcast better and better.

Since this is the place where we share the stories of women entrepreneurs and change-makers, we thought it would make sense to share our story too. The story of She’s on Top, this community and why we created it. Our mission is to connect, elevate and celebrate as many women as possible. And by sharing all these wonderful stories we hope to do just that. Listen here as we interview each other on how and why She’s on Top was created and some insights we’ve had along the way.

Stay tuned for Season Two starting this September!!!

July 1st, 2021

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#10. How To Create a Successful Business by Leading with Kindness with Robin Kovitz, Founder and CEO, Baskits Inc.

Can you create a successful business while leading from the heart? What does leading with kindness look like and how do we implement it?

In this podcast we chat with Robin Kovitz, the CEO and Founder of Baskits Inc, about how having a more feminine approach to business is not only doable but profitable too. Her intentional approach to leading with kindness is inspiring and she has created a super successful business while doing so. This interview will challenge you to see kindness as a legitimate business tool. We loved what Robin had to say because it is so in line with She’s on Top’s core beliefs. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

June 17th, 2021

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#9. Define Your Social Legacy To Live A More Intentional Life with Emily Chang, CEO, McCann Worldgroup, China

Do you have your own social legacy? Would you like to unlock the power to lead a more intentional life?

In this episode we chat with the incredible Emily Chang, Global CEO, Ted X speaker and author of the bestselling book, The Spare Room Book.

Do you have purpose in your life? Whether it’s personally or professionally we are all looking for it. Why are we here? How can I make an impact? How can my business make an impact? If these are questions you are struggling with you are going to want to listen to this podcast.

Every once in a while you have a conversation that changes you. That’s what this was for us. We were left excited, energized and inspired and we know you will be too.

June 3rd, 2021

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#8. Building Community, One Sip at a Time with Erica Campbell and Jaime Dobbs, aka The Beer Drinking Ladies

How do you create a thriving community? Is there a secret or is it just luck?

In this podcast we chat with She’s On Top ambassadors, Erica Campbell and Jaime Dobbs, owners and operators of the very successful Society of Beer Drinking Ladies (SOBDL).

May 20th, 2021

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#7. The business of being an artist and how you balance both with award-winning filmmaker and author Ann Shin

In this podcast we chat with the amazing Ann Shin. Ann is an award-winning filmmaker whose compelling films and series have aired on multiple networks. Her film My Enemy, My Brother, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and was shortlisted for a 2016 Academy Award, and nominated for an Emmy.

May 6th, 2021

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#6. The Business of Being a Woman in the Music Industry with Liina

Why are only 2% of music producers women?  How do we break down gender stereotypes when it comes to women in music? How do we give a platform to minorities in the audio industry? And how do we  inspire more girls and women to go into technical industries?

In this episode we chat with the incredible Liina, who passionately answers these questions and more. Liina is a music producer, mixing engineer, musician, songwriter and educator.

April 22nd, 2021

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#5. Dr Ebony Butler on The Unique Challenges of Women of Color and their Mental Health and her Entrepreneurial Journey

Our guest today is a guest we’ve had before on our YouTube channel. We were so impressed with her that we had to have her back.

Dr. Ebony Butler is a registered psychologist and food relationship strategist. She focusses on helping women heal from trauma and deal with diet and eating disorders.

April 8th, 2021

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#4. Newsletter Do’s and Don’ts with Email Marketing Guru Joanna Track

Do you have a newsletter or are thinking about creating one? Are you curious about what a good newsletter looks like and how effective it can be for promoting your brand? Then you’ll want to listen to this weeks podcast with our friend and email marketing guru Joanna Track. 

March 25th, 2021

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#3. Learn to be Limitless with the Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

Can we achieve anything we want? Are some people just lucky? How much of your success is determined by your attitude?

According to today’s guest, the “Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt,” we are all born limitless.

March 11th, 2021

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#2. How To Cultivate Self-Love And Tap Into Your Inner Self-Confidence with Raia ‘Coach’ Carey

Is self-love something you can cultivate or are you born with it? What is self-talk and how does that affect the people around you? In today’s episode, we chat with Raia ‘Coach’ Carey. Raia is a certified life coach and motivational speaker who is having an incredible impact. 

February 25th, 2021

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#1. Learn to be Limitless with the Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

Are you convinced you are not a natural salesperson? Do you struggle to connect with possible prospects and clients? Can anyone sell?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ll want to listen to this podcast. Nikki Rausch is the CEO and founder of “Sales Maven”, an organization dedicated to “authentic selling.”

February 11th, 2021

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