#10. How To Create a Successful Business by Leading with Kindness with Robin Kovitz, Founder and CEO, Baskits Inc.

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Can you create a successful business while leading from the heart? What does leading with kindness look like and how do we implement it?  In this interview we chat with Robin Kovitz, the CEO and Founder of Baskits Inc, about how having a more feminine approach to business is not only doable but profitable too.

Baskits Inc, is one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. Baskits designs, manufactures and delivers beautiful gift baskets across Canada and the US. It has over 40,000 customers from around the world and in 2020 was recognized as one of the Top Growing Companies in Canada by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Magazine.

Before acquiring Baskets Robin worked in private equity on the buyouts of mid-sized companies. She has an MBA degree from the Harvard Business School and a B. Comm. degree from Queen’s University. And in 2017, she was recognized as a Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 award winner. She is a sought after speaker and frequently serves as a guest lecturer at both Yale School of Management and Harvard Business School.

Needless to say, Robin’s background is impressive. Her intentional approach to leading with kindness is inspiring. This interview will challenge you to see kindness as a legitimate business tool. We loved what Robin had to say because it is so in line with She’s on Top’s core beliefs. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

Some of the topics we cover: Why Robin bought Baskits Inc and what it’s about. Why she bought a company rather than starting from scratch. How has she changed the work ethic there. How effective can you be by leading with kindness. How are you perceived by others if you lead this way. What does leading with the feminine look like. How do you strike a balance between empathy and being firm so you get the job done. What does success look like to Robin. What women have inspired her. If you enjoyed this podcast and would like to learn more about us please subscribe and leave a review. It helps us get found.

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