#2. How To Cultivate Self-Love And Tap Into Your Inner Self-Confidence with Raia ‘Coach’ Carey

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Is self-love something you can cultivate or are you born with it? What is self-talk and how does that affect the people around you? In today’s episode, we chat with Raia ‘Coach’ Carey. Raia is a certified life coach and motivational speaker who is having an incredible impact. Her goal is to equip people with tangible tools they can use to steer themselves towards self-awareness, resilience, and sustainable success. In this enlightening interview, Raia talks with us about self-love, body shaming, confidence, and the importance of authenticity.  Most importantly, she helps us tap into the self-confidence we didn’t know we had.

Key Takeaways:
[2:09] Raia shares her weight loss journey.
[4:03] Top tips from Raia about body shaming.
[5:42] How shifting your language can help you build your confidence.
[6:44] Where did Raia get her confidence from?
[8:14] Raia talks about teaching her parents how to treat her as a hybrid child.
[9:48] How can you build your self-confidence and self-trust?
[11:12] Build your own self-love toolbox.
[12:46] How is Raia approaching the increasing amount of depression in the general population?
[13:30] How to manage your negative and dark thoughts.
[16:15] Raia talks about gender fluidity.
[21:37] How does Raia stay true to herself in her role as an influencer?
[24:57] Raia shares her thoughts about energy.
[27:40] You are having an energetic conversation whether you are running it or not.
[28:13] How is Raia a gift to herself?

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Article on Gender Fluidity:
Gender and Pronouns: How You to Support Someone on an Identity Journey

“Be mindful of how you talk to yourself.”
“When one person is courageous enough to show vulnerability, others feel permission to be vulnerable too.”
“All bodies are different, all bodies are beautiful.”
“If you ever overcome something, it means you have tools.”
“Mindset means not being scared to shine a light on your own darkness.”
“Mindset often comes down to the language you are using to talk to yourself.”
“Masculinity and femininity do not belong to anyone gender, they are just traits and attributes that any gender can have.”
“Authenticity is priceless.”