#3. Learn to be Limitless with the Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

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Can we achieve anything we want? Are some people just lucky? How much of your success is determined by your attitude?

According to today’s guest, the “Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt,” we are all born limitless. Tracy is a decorated athlete in skiing, world cup sailing, and mountain climbing. She is a motivational speaker, an international humanitarian, and a global consultant to companies like Air Canada and Uber. Those would be incredible achievements for any woman but Tracy was born a four-way amputee. Faced with the challenges that come with this from birth, Tracy has had to try harder and persevere longer to get the opportunities that many of us take for granted. It has forced her to tap into an energy and resilience that she feels we all have.

She is living proof that the key to being unstoppable is perseverance, which means you fail, you start again, you adapt, and eventually, you will figure it out. This is a conversation you are going to want to hear because it might serve as the motivation you needed today to take that next step in your life.

Key Takeaways:
[2:34] Where does Tracy’s unstoppable attitude come from?
[3:10] Tracy shares what it was like growing up without arms and legs.
[3:53] How did Tracy’s mom manage raising her?
[5:00] Tracy shares the memorable experience of her first days at school.
[9:24] Tracy shares how she became a world-class sailor.
[12:22] How do you keep persisting through challenges?
[14:16] Everything is empty and meaningless, there lies the opportunity for you to take action.
[14:53] How does Tracy turn around a tough day?
[18:26] Tracy talks about those “why me?” days.
[22:35] The power of a mother’s courage.
[23:11] Tracy shares about an inspiring woman in her life.
[24:33] What brings Tracy joy?
[25:23] Tracy gives one piece of advice that keeps her going on tough days.

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“You were born limitless.”
“Sometimes success is just trying”
“We are all valuable contributors.”
“Everything is empty and meaningless, therefore you can make it into what you want it to be for you.”
“Sometimes we get defeated mostly by our self-talk.”
“When you live a life with no excuses, you get to live a life with no limits.”