#5. Dr Ebony Butler on The Unique Challenges of Women of Color and their Mental Health and her Entrepreneurial Journey

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Our guest today is a guest we’ve had before on our YouTube channel. We were so impressed with her that we had to have her back.

Dr. Ebony Butler is a registered psychologist and food relationship strategist. She focusses on helping women heal from trauma and deal with diet and eating disorders. Recognizing that many women could not afford counselling or might be intimidated by it, lead to her newest career as an entrepreneur. Last year at the beginning of Covid she launched, “My Therapy Cards,”  a deck of cards designed to help women of colour grow and elevate in the areas of emotional and mental health.

They were so successful that she has now launched a second deck for teens and is also planning on launching a deck for men.

Talking with her was enlightening. We talked about why women of colour have been overlooked in the health field and why having a black therapist is so important. Dr. Butler also shares her own struggles as an entrepreneur and passes on some great advice. It’s an important conversation you won’t want to miss.

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