#7. The business of being an artist and how you balance both with award-winning filmmaker and author Ann Shin

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In this podcast we chat with the amazing Ann Shin. Ann is an award-winning filmmaker whose compelling films and series have aired on multiple networks. Her film My Enemy, My Brother, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and was shortlisted for a 2016 Academy Award, and nominated for an Emmy. Ann is also an award-winning poet and author as well as a  principal at Fathom Film Group, a female-led production company.

Her first novel, The Last Exiles, was published this April and was inspired by her experience going undercover to make her film about defectors from North Korea. Her latest documentary, Artificial Immortality, was selected to be the Opening Night film for the Toronto Hot Docs Festival.
In this interview we chat with Ann about her incredible career, and the business side of being a writer and filmmaker. We also discuss the challenges that are unique to being a woman in the film industry and why you need to be passionate about your projects. Ann also shares some great advice for women wanting to embark on a career in film as well as her thoughts around what success is.
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